For us, corporate responsibility is all about acting responsibly and adding value through our commercial activities and through the support we provide to stakeholders and local communities.

This includes the way we deliver our services, how we support regeneration, create jobs and get involved in local activities. Our work places us at the heart of the communities in which we operate.

Our corporate responsibility covers four main areas:

  • Delivering sustainable value for clients

We create value for our clients by making processes smarter, organisations more efficient and customer experiences better. We do this by using smart technology and the skills and expertise of our people. We strive to listen and respond to what our clients tell us, understanding their changing needs and working with them to ensure we meet their expectations. In collaboration with our clients, we tackle issues of importance to them supporting delivery of their corporate responsibility agendas.

  • Our people & culture

Capita's 70,000 talented, committed and engaged employees are essential to delivering business critical services and solutions across all our markets. Their skills, knowledge, attitude and creativity ensure we continue to deliver great service and positive outcomes for our clients. 2017 has been a challenging year with businesses being restructured and disposed of. During these periods of change, we worked hard to ensure those affected were informed, involved and communicated to before and during the process.

  • Community investment

As a major employer, we recognise that we have a duty to contribute to the wider economy, creating jobs, using local suppliers and supporting our clients in tackling local socio-economic issues. Alongside this, we also invest and engage directly in the communities where we work and, through our centrally created programmes, we encourage our employees to volunteer and fundraise, supporting causes they care about

  • Responsible business practice

We will conduct our business in an open, honest and transparent manner, embedding responsible and sustainable business practices into the way we work with clients, suppliers and the way we run our business.

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