Corporate responsibility

Committed to growing in a transparent and responsible way

At Capita Local Public Services, our work places us at the heart of the communities in which we operate.

For us, corporate responsibility is all about acting responsibly and adding value through our commercial activities and through the support we provide to stakeholders and local communities. This includes the way we deliver our services, how we support regeneration, create jobs and get involved in local activities.

Our corporate responsibility covers four main areas:

Our employees

We're committed to developing their talent and creating an environment which nurtures and empowers employee innovation and enthusiasm. Find out more.

Our environment

We're committed to helping society tackle climate change and take a proactive approach to good environmental management across all our business activities.

Our suppliers

We manage our supply chain effectively. We want the goods and services we buy to be provided by suppliers with the highest ethical standards, in line with our responsible sourcing policy. At the same time, we encourage diversity among our suppliers, treat them fairly, deal with them openly and stick to our contract terms.

Our community

We aim to create lasting value for our clients and wider society through our daily business operations. We invest our time, money and skills in supporting the communities in which we operate, to tackle some of society's most pressing issues, from lack of education opportunities, to digital exclusion and ill-health. Our community activities are split across a number of initatives, including:

  • Collaborating with clients – developing programmes of support and facilitate change for local people. We also partner and collaborate with other organisations, including charities and voluntary organisations, to create mutually beneficial opportunities and reach excluded or hard-to-reach communities and people.
  • Employee volunteering – actively encouraging our people to volunteer in local projects, giving their time, skills and expertise.
  • Charity support – we run an active charity programme supporting both national and local causes, chosen by our employees and clients. Our corporate charity partner is currently The Prince’s Trust, where we are working together to deliver the campaign ‘Give young people a future’. We also run fundraising activities from our annual Charity Week, car raffles and payroll giving schemes to local bake offs, quiz nights and challenges.
  • Rehabilitation – our partnership with St Giles Trust, a charity which works to break the cycle of reoffending across England and Wales, means we can focus on rehabilitation initiatives to give disadvantaged individuals a brighter future and enable them to contribute positively to their own areas.
“My work requires a great deal of footwork, liaison and general to-ing and fro-ing. I get real rewards through this work. I can turn around an individual’s life and overturn the idea they have that crime is glamorous. This comes from engaging them in something else that they like doing such as a course, an apprenticeship, volunteering and finally getting a job. There are things out there for these people but they need to be linked into them.”

James, St Giles Trust peer support worker.

Capita Local Public Services celebrates Responsible Business Week


As individuals, we can all seek to work responsibly. It is no coincidence that our Corporate Value ('VOICE') prominently include words like 'honesty', 'integrity' and 'ownership'.

Chris Terry, Compliance Director

Capita Challenge 2015


Capita Challenge is our biggest annual fundraising event. Since 2006 thousands of employees have got involved and raised over £430,000 for charity


East Ordsall Lane Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS) Scheme


East Ordsall Lane was picked for a sustainable drainage system scheme due to the street being located in a built up ‘grey’ urban area in need of some greenery.

Urban Vision’s landscape architects, drainage engineers and highway engineers