Capita and the London Borough of Barnet in partnership

We work in partnership with the London Borough of Barnet to deliver a range of services designed around residents’ needs to drive savings, maximise income and enable regeneration across the borough.

In 2013, we began a 10 year partnership with Barnet to support the Council’s new support and customer services organisation (NSCSO). Under this contract we created the Customer Support Group (CSG) to deliver the Council’s back office services, including customer services, human resources and payroll, finance, IT revenues, benefits, estates, corporate programmes and procurement.

Through the partnership we are:

  • co-designing services with residents – focusing on their needs and ensuring the right technology and processes are in place
  • transforming the way residents, suppliers and partners interact with the Council
  • enabling multi-channelled delivery in ways that are valued by residents
  • implementing robust and efficient technology and processes that is lowering the cost of service delivery and enabling Barnet to maximise revenue. 

Highlights so far:

  • Delivering £126m worth of guaranteed savings over the lifetime of the partnership
  • Using our innovative insight capability and co-design to change the way services are delivered based on the demand, accessibility and preferences of residents
  • Launching a new website and online customer portal, MyAccount to improve the way residents interact with the Council
  • Implementing a new finance system, which delivers greater automation, across accounts payable and accounts receivable processes
  • Developing a new online platform for suppliers to support budget monitoring and provide a better user experience
  • Being one of the first local authorities to submit its end of year accounts, requiring no adjustment post audit
  • Introducing electronic scanning and invoicing from a digital mailroom
  • Maximising the community and voluntary sector contribution to service delivery via the supply Eco System.

Re – our joint venture with London Borough of Barnet

In 2013, we also began an innovative joint venture with London Borough of Barnet, called Re, which delivers a range of property, development and regulatory services to local authorities and commercial organisations.