Helping Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy transform teaching and learning

Before SMART Technologies were introduced, Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy (Handsworth) had been using another smart board, whilst other classrooms had a whiteboard and overhead projector.

Having decided they needed to upgrade their equipment, Arwinder Kaur, Bursar at the school decided to do some research to assess the available options.

“We consulted with our account manager from Link2ICT who had recommended the SMART option. I looked at alternative suppliers of interactive touchscreens and read a number of their reviews but was not very impressed. The other providers had cheaper boards, but I did not have the confidence to purchase from them as I value good quality, up-to-date products with smooth transition from purchase to installation which you get from a market leading supplier.”
“Our account manager arranged a demo of the SMART product at the school, so we could see for ourselves what the technology was capable of. Seeing the kit in action made a huge difference, we could see at first hand the clear screen, bright display, ease of use and we also got reassurances about reliability, durability, a longer life span, product guarantee and ongoing support. As well as the equipment itself, there is the enhanced experience through the SMART software which can be purchased with a site license. We were very impressed with the complete package, plus we were able to take advantage of a special offer from Link2ICT. With all things considered, it was an easy decision to go with the SMART option.”

“We purchased four SMART boards along with a site license for the learning suite of software. We wanted the teachers to use this solution to its full capacity and keep the children engaged during lessons. The range and power of the technology in the classroom has impressed us all, including the Headteacher.”

“The boards were installed along with the software setup without any fuss over the course of a day, even though two of the classrooms required a much longer cable to connect to the teacher’s computer; this was all resolved and provided at no extra cost. The whole process from start to finish was managed very efficiently by our account manager, who visited again after the installation to see the reception children making great use of their new SMART board.”

Arwinder and the teaching staff are pleased with the boards, how the software is so simple to use and that no training was required. After being in use for a couple of months, here’s what their Headteacher, Paula Burns, had to say,

"Having used SMART before, I was impressed to see the updates and new capabilities of the board. I like the multi-touch option and the interactive quizzes that could be used as a teaching aid. I also liked the SMART software and how it could be used to plan and deliver interactive, engaging sessions in the classroom."
“The boards are used in a wide variety of ways including PowerPoint displays, self-registration in Reception, watching videos, listening to music, online educational games, phonics, teachers can even use them to monitor reading and writing skills. All the teachers want to use the SMART boards as the children love how engaging the activities are, they are enthusiastic and motivated during lessons.”

“Unlike other boards, the SMART screens do not freeze, which means the pupils get an uninterrupted learning experience, and teachers can teach with confidence in the technology. The lessons flow much better on the SMART screens, there is more interaction from the children, keeping them engaged and focused. They are having fun and learning at the same time. One nursery teacher likes how the screen allows smaller fingers of the younger children to move things freely on their own, which is helped by a much better screen quality and therefore, providing a clearer picture for the class to see.”

“We are very pleased with our purchase of the SMART boards and the ongoing support from our account manager, we would definitely recommend this solution to other schools.”

Headteacher, Paula Burns also had this to say,

"Sadly, as I am not in the classroom, I don't have the benefit of using the new SMART boards or software. However, I am aware of the power of this technology in the classroom. We have just had an open day where parents went into a Maths or English lesson in their child's class and they spoke very positively about the use of the SMART board and felt that it had a positive impact on the children's learning."

If you would like to transform your classroom lessons with the power of SMART technologies, contact Link2ICT for more information.

Bells Farm Primary School


We’re delighted to receive the eSafety accreditation, it shows that our school community is working together to keep our children safe online. The importance of having eSafety education in today’s ever changing technological world is vital so that families feel much more confident about it.

Tony Baddhan, eSafety Coordinator

Entrust: Inspiring futures through outcomes-focussed partnerships


The Council and Capita have created a joint venture brimming with innovative ideas and practical solutions and, two and a half years on, there are real results and positive feedback from both schools and parents. At a time when school budgets are in the spotlight, Entrust is a ground-breaking move that is making a true difference to children and young people – and delivering long-term economic and financial benefits.

John Tradewell, Director of Democracy, Law and Transformation, Staffordshire County Council

Managing the design and build of St Luke’s C of E Primary School in Salford


I just wanted to say how thrilled we are with our new building. Our children and their families, staff and governors are all so impressed – the expression ‘WOW!’ has been heard many times this last week.

K, Partridge, Headteacher at St Luke’s C of E Primary School