LaunchPad 365

What is LaunchPad 365? 

LaunchPad 365 is Link2ICT’s replacement for the Zimbra email service built on top of Microsoft’s Office 365 offering but with significant additional functionality aimed at both teachers and students alike.

What does basic Office 365 provide?

Through Office 365 you can access streamlined online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that can be used to create, view and edit documents without a local installation of Microsoft Office. Exchange Online provides an email service through Outlook Web Access (OWA) and SharePoint Online provides a place to store, organize, share, and access information.

What makes LaunchPad 365 different?

In addition to the standard features of Office 365, LaunchPad 365 offers:

  • A fully customisable ‘launchpad’ to a range of curated educational resources
  • Full access to the Just2easy (j2e) creative tool suite
  • Best-in-class managed email security through McAfee Email Protection
  • Automatic user provisioning and management from your MIS using Group call IDaaS 
  • customisable school SharePoint site for staff, students, governors and parents where you can share information, publish policies & schemes of work and release announcements
  • Staff visibility and access to students personal OneDrive storage areas, from within both J2E and Office 365

A comprehensive teaching tool designed to enrich, empower and enable through personalised teaching and learning. LaunchPad 365 is packed with award-winning online tools and resources that truly takes learning "beyond the walls". St. Mary’s Catholic Primary is one of many schools making teaching and learning exciting and interactive with the power of LaunchPad 365.

NQT year 3 teacher Kelly Burrows at St. Mary's Catholic Primary said:

"The pupils are responding very positively to the range of tools and resources available. And crucially, it supports the National Curriculum requirements very well. Having the j2e Tool Suite as part of LaunchPad 365 makes an incredible difference in the classroom and beyond. I am using it from home to plan lessons and the children enjoy earning extra points in j2blast!
Our use of LaunchPad 365 is being used by all year groups and on different devices including computers and iPads, having that ease of access is great. It has definitely met our expectations, especially as it is so easy to use.
As a teacher, I can plan interactive and engaging lessons quickly and easily and give my pupils instant access to these resources. I can view all the children’s work very easily and leave comments which they enjoy responding to. It is just so easy and enjoyable to use. The children are excited to login and access the range of resources. It makes teaching and learning exciting and interactive. It is an excellent application, we are very happy with the benefits and therefore, without hesitation, we recommend LaunchPad 365 to other schools.”

NB Launchpad 365 is known as BGfL 365 in Birmingham schools.

To find out more about how you can engage, motivate and inspire pupils, take a look at the LaunchPad 365 product flyer and the Link2ICT webpage.