Link2ICT Digital Monitoring Service

Link2ICT, the education arm of Capita local public services, provides a 'digital monitoring service' which protects pupils by monitoring, capturing and alerting schools to potentially harmful content or behaviour. 

To find out more about Link2ICT's digital monitoring service, click here. 

The service has been providing an effective approach to safeguarding the school community at Hodge Hill Girls’ School where the Headteacher, designated safeguarding lead (DSL) and Strategic ICT Manager are clear about the benefits provided by Link2ICT. 


"The process of monitoring online activity in school demands huge amounts of staff time. The Link2ICT monitoring service offers solutions to many of the problems we were experiencing.” 

"The latest Ofsted framework and 'keeping children safe in education' guidance has placed a greater emphasis on effective monitoring. We are confident that our use of the Link2ICT monitoring service helps us to fulfill these obligations, alongside the wider safeguarding policy, practice and systems we use in school. There was one particular case where word captures might have flagged this as low grade risk, but the human monitoring element of the managed service could see and understand the context around the capture to identify it as a more serious graded risk for the school to investigate. Automated word captures alone would not have flagged this risk. Therefore, the human monitoring and intervention was crucial.” 

“With pupils researching so much more online, this service has enabled us to quickly pick up on areas that could be a potential concern. At times, items flagged have resulted in pupils gaining additional support from relevant agencies and being effectively safeguarded.” 

“The Link2ICT Monitoring Service has provided a consistent level of monitoring which reduces staff intervention to where it is most needed. It also avoids the stress caused to staff when trying to monitor a large number of captures, especially when other competing priorities get in the way e.g. safeguarding disclosures. We are very happy with the service provided by Link2ICT and would certainly recommend it to other schools.”

Patrick Shaw, Hodge Hill Girls' School strategic ICT manager