One Public Estate

What is One Public Estate?

The One Public Estate programme is a pioneering initiative delivered in partnership by the LGA and the Cabinet Office Government Property Unit (GPU). £3.6 million has been allocated to councils across new and existing partnerships on the programme.

Our delivery

As part of our partnership arrangement with Blackburn with Darwen Council, Capita were appointed on behalf of the Lancashire Combined Authority, to prepare and submit a Stage 2 Services and Assets Delivery Plan, for entry into the One Public Estate (OPE) programme.

With 13 Lancashire Councils taking part within the Lancashire OPE programme, our team had to quickly familiarise themselves with each individual authority to help identify projects which aligned to the work stream themes and ambitions of the Combined Authority.

Our team maintained a proactive role throughout the process, providing business case templates and support and developed an overarching strategy for meeting the OPE pre-selection criteria in addition to developing the evidence for the Lancashire Combined Authority’s readiness to enter the programme. Through project management and technical support we helped achieve the key milestone dates, whilst providing the Local Government Agency and Government Property Unit with an application that aligned to the OPE objectives of: creating economic growth, more integrated customer focused services, generating capital receipts and reducing running costs.

Overcoming challenges

Due to a tight four week deadline for the plan submission, our team had to quickly establish a key milestone programme to ensure that all necessary information could be gathered from participating authorities and partners to produce a thorough application. Dedicated project management and clear communication between team members, Councils and partners was crucial to help produce a strong plan.

The outcome

The application was successful and to date the shadow Lancashire Combined Authority has been awarded £335k of one public estate funding.