Providing yard and sorting office risk assessments for Royal Mail Group

As part of a Capita wide project, our road safety audit team completed yard risk assessments across the North West and Midlands for the Royal Mail Group.

The team assessed vehicular and pedestrian movements and potential hazards working with Royal Mail to put recommendations and action plans in place to make sure their delivery and sorting offices remained as safe as possible for their staff and visitors. 

 What we did:    

Our team completed five phases of yard risk assessments for Royal Mail in 2005 during the ‘christmas pressure’ period. The team completed yard risk assessments across the North West, Yorkshire and Midlands assessing vehicular and pedestrian movements and potential risks working with Royal Mail to put recommendations and action plans in place. 

During the summer of 2016, our team were further commissioned to assess 12 offices in a variety of locations across the country from Preston, Calderway in Yorkshire, to Nottingham. Our road safety audit team were tasked with assessing risk of injury to Royal Mail drivers, operatives and members of the public at peak operating times.  
After observations were made and recommendations supplied, another consultancy organisation surveyed the yards to ensure that a suite of remedial measures were costed for implementation.   

Services UV provided:  
  • Site observations 
  • Yard assessment  
  • Recommendations compiled into an assessment report for Royal Mail use 
The outcome: 

Our safety audit team’s recommendations report was used to create pricing and a menu of options dependant on risk and cost. The majority of concerns listed in the recommendation report have been addressed by Royal Mail.  

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Road safety audits on the Leigh Ellenbrook guided busway


The scheme was put in place as a preferred mode of transport to Metrolink, operating in a similar way to tram networks as the buses are guided along the majority of the route by a fixed track arrangement.

Urban Vision

Capita and the London Borough of Barnet work in partnership for financial transformation


Alongside greater automation and financial transparency across the Council, Capita has also re-shaped the finance function to give us greater resilience and support through the accountancy functions provided - something that will prove invaluable as times of austerity continue.

John Hooton, Chief Executive, London Borough of Barnet

Making improvements to the Salford Bolton bus network

bolton bus.JPG

At Capita, our road safety audit team understand the importance of safety on our roads and other environments where the use of moving vehicles is a daily occurrence

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