Road safety audits on the Leigh Ellenbrook guided busway

The scheme was put in place as a preferred mode of transport to Metrolink, operating in a similar way to tram networks as the buses are guided along the majority of the route by a fixed track arrangement.   

What we did:   

The team made recommendations and highlighted any concerns with feasibility and detailed designs, suggesting tweaks to the design work that would ensure the operations ran smoothly and reduced the risk to the user.  

This involved compiling a report for Transport for Greater Manchester, having completed stages one to four road safety audits.   

Services UV provided:  

  • Desktop reporting  
  • Site visits  
  • Collision investigation  
  • Road safety engineering – design recommendations  

The outcome: 

TfGM considered all recommendations made in the report by our road safety audit team.   

Further assessments are usually required three years after the initial stage 4 safety audit to ensure maximum safety of the scheme and to re-assess what may need addressing after that amount of time.   

Andy Devine, Road Safety Group Leader  
Tel: 0161 779 4859