Rolla Street ‘Pop Up’ Park scheme

Salford City Council commissioned Urban Vision, a joint venture between Capita, Salford City Council and Galliford Try, to deliver additional green space in places largely under construction in Salford in order to improve the aesthetics of the area and encourage more people to use and enjoy the space.

Rolla Street in Salford was chosen due to the amount of construction taking place on the street and the amount of footfall from visitors, residents and workers. The street is home to the famous Eagle Inn pub which attracts a lot of tourists to the area.

What we did

Urban Vision’s landscape team came up with the solution to create a pop up park, the first moveable park in the north west. Our designers created a ‘mini-oasis’ with features that could easily be relocated fit into the size of a parking space. Elements of the design included road signage with plants bedded in them, trees that are in water cubes and wheelie bins with flowers growing out the top. Murals were installed on the walls of Greengate baths that are boarded up, and benches were installed around the pop up park intended for people to sit and enjoy the parklife environment.

The project incorporated green infrastructure by using sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS). SuDS reduce flood risk and improve water quality by slowing down rainwater flow. Natural retention and infiltration is maximised so that run off into drains and sewers is reduced.

Rolla street pop up park integrates a sustainable urban drainage system which stores the rainwater that would usually run off the roof of the surrounding buildings into the road and channels it into the plants. 

The list of services provided by Urban Vision included

  • All landscape design work
  • Quantity surveying
  • Highway regulation checks

The outcome

  • It’s been estimated that 60% of water that would usually have been wasted is now recycled into the plants by use of urban drainage
  • The park is well used and enjoyed by residents and the area looks more appealing
  • As a park with features that are all moveable, it can easily be placed in other areas under construction