West Sussex County Council and Capita partnership

Our 10 year partnership with West Sussex County Council is lowering the cost, delivering better digital experience and generating revenue for the county.

Our 10-year partnership with West Sussex County Council began in 2012. At the time, the Council was facing budget saving targets worth £79m. Alongside austerity challenges, the Council had an ambition to deliver more modern and effective services and become more commercially sustainable.

 We are supporting the Council to achieve their objectives through our partnership, which delivers a range of back, middle office and customer facing services on behalf of West Sussex, including:

  • business services
  • procurement
  • IT
  • customer services
  • HR and payroll
  • health and safety
  • print
  • pensions
  • finance services
  • online service delivery.

The partnership also includes an innovative procurement model, which enables neighbouring boroughs to access and buy services directly and more cost effectively, which helps the Council to also generate long-term revenue.

“With Capita as a partner we were able to establish strong working relationships and tackle the transformation of services together. Combining our knowledge within the Council and Capita’s experience and capability of delivering transformational programmes, we have made significant step changes in the way we deliver services. Residents in West Sussex and employees working for the Council now have more modern access to services, we have reduced our operating costs and through the commissioning framework, we have a more commercially sustainable business model.”
Chief Operating Officer, West Sussex County Council.

Improving financial processes at West Sussex County Council


By re-shaping service delivery and through Capita’s investment in new technologies, we now run a much slicker and effective finance service. It’s enabled us to benefit from costs savings, to transform our procurement process and fundamentally, improve performance for our suppliers and service users.

West Sussex County Council

How e-forms improved the usability of West Sussex County Council’s website


Prior to the current e-form, an initial referral would take, on average, 2 hours to process. With the Umbraco form, an initial referral takes approximately 1 hour to process. This includes saving, printing and copying all attachments.

West Sussex Council Officer, Special Needs Assessment team

Redesigning administrative services at West Sussex County Council


West Sussex had made good progress in making changes in our back office but the partnership with Capita has enabled us to really make the savings we needed to. With Capita’s support, we now have a more streamlined and resilient administration function which was achieved without any impact on service delivery - a great example of partnership working.

Head of Business Change, West Sussex County Council