Get curious with Capita at the Solace Summit 2019

Curiosity is great isn’t it? It can take you places, broaden your horizons, change your mindset and take your life in a whole new direction.

At Capita we are always curious. This mindset helps us provide solutions to complex problems. It helps us to be creative and innovative. Most importantly, it helps us to ask the right questions, so we can truly understand the challenges our clients face.

At this years’ Solace Summit, we’re excited to be hosting some insightful and thought-provoking speakers corner sessions, that we hope will get you thinking.

Join us in the speakers’ corner zone in the exhibition area to find out more. Here’s the full agenda:

17 October, 2019: 10.40am-11.00am
Creating Meaningful Work in an Age of Automation.
Emma Birchall, Director, Hot Spots Movement

Accelerating developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have put us on the cusp of a new automation age. Robots and computers can not only perform a range of routine physical work activities better and more cheaply than humans, but they are also increasingly capable of accomplishing some routine cognitive tasks too, such as making tacit judgements, sensing emotion, or even driving. But how quickly will these automation technologies become a reality in the workplace? And what will their impact be on employment and productivity in UK? In this speech, Emma Birchall from Hotspots Movement will share the latest insights from a research programme she has run in partnership with Capita.

17 October, 2019: 1pm-1.20pm
Leveraging the power of digital to prevent and reduce homelessness.
David Anderson, Chief Product Officer, Capita

One in every 200 people in the UK don’t have a permanent place to call home. At Capita we believe this would be lower if citizens had easier access to help and local authorities had better tools to help people before they reached crisis point. This session discovers how Capita, through the power of digital and data, and our experience of delivering around the clock customer service support, is exploring solutions to help more people have a place they can call home.

17 October, 2019: 2.50pm-3.10pm
Your buying power is the key to supporting your communities: How to optimise procurement to get impactful social value from your suppliers.
Lakhraj Minas, Responsible Business Manager, Capita

Local authorities buy services from a range of organisations to provide essential services to the communities they serve. Capita’s Responsible Business team share their top tips on how local authorities can get suppliers like Capita to help them deliver on their priorities.  The session also offers case studies to illustrate what collaborative working can achieve when it comes to creating better outcomes for local communities, including how Capita and Lambeth Council are working together to get local people to address local issues. 

Our team will also be available to chat with throughout the conference. Please drop by to stand 18  at any time to discuss how we can help you create better outcomes.

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Emma Birchall

Emma Birchall Director Hot Spots Movement

David Anderson

David Anderson Chief product officer Capita

Lakhraj Minas

Lakhraj Minas Responsible business manager Capita