The Local Government Strategy Forum 2018

Starts: 15 May 2018 09:00 AM (GMT)
Finishes: 16 May 2018 05:00 PM (GMT)


About this event

Will we see you at this year’s Local Government Strategy Forum?

This event brings together the finest thought leaders and solution providers in a two-day business networking event which promises to inspire debate through our world class engagement platforms and ultimately broaden your expertise to add real value and insight back into the organisation you represent.

The public sector as a whole and local authorities in particular are going through radical change with huge spending cuts, radical shifts in power and scope of responsibilities. With much more control being exercised over costs and the continued drive to improve services local authority executives are now looking to one common focal point - delivering accessible, informative and innovative services to their citizens in a shrinking financial envelope.

With the key themes of this event including cultural change, data analysis, technology in the public sector transformation and children’ services, take a look at how we are helping local authorities achieve sustainability through partnership working. Or alternatively, see how we are transforming technology in the public sector through our digital specialists.

Using data and insight in Barnet


We are beginning to change and improve the Council’s understanding of its residents, and are making our first steps towards better services guided by in-depth insight. This is a long-term project and, while we won’t transform the services we deliver overnight, in Barnet, this is undoubtedly how we see the future of local authority services being designed.

Andrew Travers, Chief Executive, London Borough of Barnet

The Keep Warm and Well project in Barnet


Very helpful, friendly and polite, very useful energy saving literature

Barnet resident

Ten years of corporate social responsibility at Service Birmingham


We work with schools, businesses and community organisations. CSR is an integral part of our approach and expresses our company’s values to the community we serve here in Birmingham.

Tony Lubman, CEO, Service Birmingham