Andrew House, Digital customer experience manager

Take Ten with Andrew House (MSc), Digital customer experience manager; his team support multiple public sector clients and includes service design, business analysis, web development and assurance services.

Tell us about your role at Capita Local Public Services?

I lead the organisations online service delivery (OSD) digital team consisting of content designers, web editors and digital officers that specialise in web content management services. My team are part of Capita’s wider digital customer experience team that supports multiple public service clients and includes web development, business analysis and services design expertise.

What is your biggest success or proudest personal moment at Capita?

Achieving a distinction in my Capita master’s degree (MSc) in leadership and management from the University of South Wales Business School.  I won the ‘best dissertation in the cohort’ investigating opportunities for the digital customer experience team in the public sector.  I was one of only three students in the UK to duel qualify with a level 7 diploma from the ‘institute of leadership and management’ (ILM) at the same time. 

I was particularly proud of the feedback from my tutor Dr. Hazel Mawdlsey:

“I want to congratulate Andrew on his very high dissertation marks.  It’s extremely rare for anyone to get above 80%, so I hope he will feel justifiably proud of his achievement.”
If you could describe Capita in three words, what would it be?

Ingenious, collaborative (and) effective.

What do you like most about your role?

I like the fact my role requires me to be resourceful and innovative. Putting the customer at the heart of what we do, I enjoy working through complex issues to continuously improve the user experience.  This often requires taking ownership of an issue, partnering with colleagues across the digital customer experience team and our public sector clients to implement a solution.

Tell us something people might not know about Capita Local Public Services?

Public sector organisations need to reduce costs by enabling their customers to self-serve online. My role as Digital customer experience manager plays a pivotal role in enabling our clients to achieve this ambition. By publishing high quality content on websites, eforms, and payment systems, that is easy to find and understand customers can avoid unnecessarily contacting the organisation through most costly forms of contact (face-to-face, phone and email). As well as reducing costs, this can also demonstrably enhance the customer experience.

My colleagues in the digital customer experience team perform similar activities for a range of public service clients including service design, business analysis, web development and quality and assurance monitoring.  

Describe a notable achievement during your current role?

In 2015 my team supported West Sussex County Council (WSCC) launch a new website. My role in this project was line managing a team of web editors to rewrite the content from the ‘old’ website and structure the revised content in the new website. This was a significant and complex task. The website content, over many years, had swelled to over 7,000 web pages. This volume of content was challenging for services to maintain and was cluttering the site search and navigation making it difficult for customers to find the information and services they needed. I managed a team of web editors and content designers and worked closely with council service stakeholders, for example highways and libraries officers. Within 12 months we reduced the content to just 1,400 high quality web pages that were simple, clean and easy to understand. The anxieties around removing such a vast amount of content never materialised. Website visitors increased by 17% over the following 2 years and calls to the organisations contact centre dropped by 24% as customers were able to self-serve online.  We also received a number of customer compliments.

Over to you…
When you were a child, what did you dream of being when you grew up?

The Prime Minister (I was always encouraged to aim high in life!)

What do you do in your spare time?

I live near the sea and enjoy running along the promenade 3 times a week to keep fit and actively participate in local 10km events. I have competed in the ‘great south’ 10 mile run and completed a half marathon (haven’t managed to contemplate doing a full marathon yet!) My wife and I enjoy walking in West Sussex where we live. We also enjoy travelling - mostly recently having completed a tour up the east coast of America visiting Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received?

Life is a marathon. Do you best one day at a time…

Tell us something people might not know about you

I am a qualified SCUBA Divemaster (Professional Dive Leader) having spent 6 months in Thailand achieving my PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate, Rescue Diver certificate and completed over 60 logged dives conducting dive briefings and supervising training activities.

Creating a better digital customer experience at West Sussex County Council


The number of pages on the West Sussex County Council website was reduced from 7,000 to just 1,400 pages

West Sussex County Council

West Sussex County Council and Capita partnership


With Capita as a partner we were able to establish strong working relationships and tackle the transformation of services together. Combining our knowledge within the Council and Capita’s experience and capability of delivering transformational programmes, we have made significant step changes in the way we deliver services.

Chief Operating Officer, West Sussex County Council.

Improving financial processes at West Sussex County Council


By re-shaping service delivery and through Capita’s investment in new technologies, we now run a much slicker and effective finance service. It’s enabled us to benefit from costs savings, to transform our procurement process and fundamentally, improve performance for our suppliers and service users.

West Sussex County Council