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Statutory Education Solutions

Did you know we have property services to support schools? Meet the team and read more about their work.

1. What is your team responsible for?

Our property team deliver a number of services to support statutory education facilities across the UK. Our team of in-house technical, mechanical and electrical surveyors ensure schools are safety compliant and comply with statutory and legislative requirements. We look after the maintenance of school plant and equipment making sure that each school remains a safe environment for pupils, staff and visitors. Our team also complete Fire Risk Assessments to ensure school buildings are compliant with current building regulations.

Under the umbrella of our School Maintenance Service, working alongside head teachers and governors, we also look after school buildings from

completing emergency repairs to a planned maintenance programme and our Building Liaison service provides schools with a single point of contact that can manage all maintenance works within a school.

When school buildings need to adapt and change to the current educational environment, our team of education building professionals assist with providing practical, cost effective design solutions to improve a schools learning environment. In order to maximise the potential we also complete condition surveys to assist head teachers and governors with making informed decisions on how to make best use of the valuable resources available.

We also work with education providers to develop detailed yet pragmatic and deliverable estate strategies, ensuring that schools can adapt to current and future needs in the most cost-effective and efficient way. This can be by creating additional space or improving the existing learning environment and generate efficiencies and potential income. To help support this, our capital funding service allows schools to unlock funding opportunities to build and improve existing schools buildings which meet the needs of 21st Century teaching and learning.

To help schools effectively manage the amount of energy that they use our team of energy specialists optimise the use of school resources and negotiate utility contracts and review bills on a schools behalf. This assists in conserving energy, reducing carbon emissions, cutting costs and keeping the school up to date with legislation. Our registered Energy Assessors can also produce Display Energy Certificates.

2. Roughly how many people work to deliver Statutory Education services in your team?

We have a team of approximately 80 people who work at locations throughout the UK.

3. Describe a typical day when delivering property services and solutions for the Statutory Education sector?

As you can see from the varied amount of services we provide, a typical day working at a school can range from completing statutory compliance audits, ensuring responsive day to day maintenance is carried out, completing condition surveys and thermal imaging to completing energy surveys, providing accurate and up to date property data to support funding applications and statutory requirements, advice on capital funding opportunities and future capital project master planning, space planning and architectural design.

4. What is the proudest moment for your team to date?

In December 2016, Capita was appointed by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) as one of 4 surveying organisations to undertake a national programme of school asset condition assessments which will provide a comprehensive picture of the condition and nature of all school buildings in England. The Condition Data Collection Programme is seen as one of the largest most innovative surveying projects in Europe, with an aim of surveying around 22,000 schools in England over the next 3 years, with an option on the part of the EFA to extend for a further two 12 month extensions. We will be allocated approximately 5,500 schools to survey nationally. This follows the delivery of EFA’s Property Data Survey Programme (PDSP) from 2012-2014, with Capita successfully surveying approximately 5000 educational establishments across the Yorkshire & the Humber, the South West and the North East of England.

5. Tell us something that people may not know about the property education services team?

Did you know we already provide services to 21,000 schools and 220 higher and further education establishments across the UK.

Capita Local Public Services celebrates Responsible Business Week


As individuals, we can all seek to work responsibly. It is no coincidence that our Corporate Value ('VOICE') prominently include words like 'honesty', 'integrity' and 'ownership'.

Chris Terry, Compliance Director

School Building Property Maintenance Programme


Due to the scale, expertise and experience of our teams, we completed the programme of works on time every year, across the entire five year term of this project.

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