Capita's Road Safety Team

Insight into Capita's road safety team, who offer road safety audit services, which involves the evaluation of highways improvement schemes. Find out more on what their other services include

What is your the road safety team responsible for?

Primarily we offer road safety audit services, which involves the evaluation of highways improvement schemes. The aim is to identify potential road safety problems and suggest measures to eliminate or mitigate against those problems.  We also provide safety advice notes and undertake collision investigation studies. The studies are generally completed on high risk roads where there is a history of collisions.

 Roughly how many people are in the road safety team?

There are three engineers based in the road safety team within North Tyneside. Paul McKenna is a Senior engineer taking a lead on the delivery of the road safety audit programme across the country. Ian Guard is a Project manager for many of the major highway projects being constructed in North Tyneside and has extensive background in road safety engineering. Chris Hughes is Team leader of the traffic engineering and road safety team and plays a key role in the delivery of road safety audits and collision investigation in general.

 Describe a typical day in for the road safety team

The team is set up to mobilise quickly and efficiently. There have been occasions when we’re needed to audit cycle schemes in Scotland one day and then be in Barnet the next day to undertake audits on 20mph schemes. Recently the team were tasked with auditing the new terminal at Manchester Airport, which proved particularly interesting when observing road user behaviour of those unfamiliar with the route and with a mind on their impending holiday destination.

 What is the proudest moment for your team?

We’ve received positive feedback from project sponsors right across the country and that makes us feel very proud. We believe it’s testament to the time and experience we’re able to invest in the road safety audit process.

 Tell us something that people may not know about the road safety team.

Paul is a keen photographer and Ian entrusted him with the responsibility of taking the pics at his recent wedding. The team are also on a fitness kick, mainly led by Chris who recently completed the Great North Run for the second time.

Road safety audits on the Leigh Ellenbrook guided busway


The scheme was put in place as a preferred mode of transport to Metrolink, operating in a similar way to tram networks as the buses are guided along the majority of the route by a fixed track arrangement.

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Improving food safety standards in North Tyneside


We are committed to supporting local businesses. However, when there are unacceptable risks to public health, enforcement action will be taken to protect the interests of consumers and maintain food safety.

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Improving Roads in North Tyneside


We recognise that we needed to invest in a road improvement scheme now to resolve the existing traffic issues but also to make sure the road was able to cope with the significant increase in demand by 2030.

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