Capita's street lighting team

Find out more on Capita's street lighting team who provide street lighting expertise and support to local authority highway departments across the UK.

What is the street lighting team responsible for?

Our team provides street lighting expertise and support to local authority highway departments across the UK. We design and deliver street lighting schemes which can save councils’ money, save energy and help improve community safety.

For example we carry out a detailed audit, inventory analysis and data verification so there are no nasty surprises during LED conversion projects and so clients can optimise on project efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our experts will also design the most efficient lighting solution to generate the maximum savings and ensure compliance with standards. We manage the rollout, project manage and monitor contractors delivery to provide clients with the quality assurance and asset compliance needed to maximise project benefits  by delivering on time and on budget  and so clients can unlock project benefits as quickly as possible.

How many people are on the team?

There are 7 of us in total. We have a project manager, a design manager, 2 design engineers, a delivery manager, 2 supervisors and an administrator

Describe a typical day on the street lighting team, if there is one?  

A typical day varies between job roles naturally. Each team member is busy either designing individual schemes to the British Standard requirements, delivering onsite operational activity on behalf of the client or reporting on progress in terms of program and actual savings generated from reduced lighting consumption.

What are the key projects you’re working on at the moment?

We’ve got quite a few projects on the go at the moment.

As a few examples we’re completing an energy efficient column replacement program for Cumbria County Council, delivering a full LED street lighting replacement programme for Renfrewshire Council and delivering highway lighting improvements for the Sunderland Link Road as well as Manchester Airport.

What is the proudest moment for your team in 2016/17?

It has to be the completion of Blackburn and Darwen LED Contract where our team designed and replaced 17,500 street lighting lanterns and fatigued columns to program and under budget allowance.

Tell us something that people may not know about the street lighting team?

Most of the street lighting team has worked together in previous employment on high target driven contracts such as PFI lighting and LED retro-fit projects.  We have a vast amount of combined knowledge and experience that we channel to deliver successful projects to meet and achieve client expectation. We are always reviewing lessons learnt from previous projects to advance delivery and maximise efficiencies that ultimately generate increased savings. As such we always research the newest technologies that bring with it added value to each working activity.



Delivering Blackburn and Darwen’s LED street lighting retrofit

LED Case Study.jpg

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in replacing the old sodium orange street lights with the new LED soft white ones. It had made such a difference when I go out at night! The new lighting is clearly more environmentally friendly and economical, so congratulations all round, and keep up the good work

Resident of Blackburn

Capita Local Public Services celebrates Responsible Business Week


As individuals, we can all seek to work responsibly. It is no coincidence that our Corporate Value ('VOICE') prominently include words like 'honesty', 'integrity' and 'ownership'.

Chris Terry, Compliance Director

Designing Inverclyde Council’s LED street lighting retrofit

Newfield Dr 002 N406.jpg

We designed a solution to retrofit 9000 lanterns of the council’s existing street lighting stock with energy efficient LED lighting. We retained the existing street lighting columns that were proven structurally sound and replaced 1200 columns that were no longer fit for purpose.

Capita’s street lighting team