Capita's streetworks team

Find out more about the day to day lives of the Capita streetworks team and how they ensure highway safety

1. What is the street works team responsible for?

The street works team are here to make sure that anyone who works on the highway does so safely and successfully co-ordinates the works with everyone else so that you don’t get stuck in too many traffic jams.  We also make sure that any holes made by these works are filled in and reinstated correctly. It sounds simple, but for example in Salford, we receive 12,000 road works applications every year and when repairs are not done correctly it’s our job to then make sure works are remediated.  We also carry out work for other authorities across the UK such as core sample inspections and permit scheme development.

2. How many people are on the team?

Over 50 people

3. Describe a typical day on the team?

Our street works permit team will co-ordinate road works permit applications and our inspectors will mobilise and inspect as many live road works as possible and issue any charges or fines for non compliance with the permit permissions. We will also inspect repairs on the highway to make sure they have been repaired to the correct standards and make sure contractors return to complete repairs correctly if sub standard repairs are identified.

4. What are the key projects you’re working on at the moment?

We’re just starting work to design and deliver a street works permit scheme for Peterborough Council.

5. What is the proudest moment for your team?

Getting works promoters to do jobs quickly with minimum fuss is always rewarding. We have also overseen the implementation of some major installations that require significant work and excavations on the highway. Through delivering our permitting scheme, local authorities have certain powers that allow them to sometimes demand minimum dig techniques or force weekend, off peak or even night working. By doing this it feels great to part of the tea, that has helped to reduce the disruption that road users have on their journeys. It is also very rewarding to note the marked improvement in reinstatement quality over the last few years achieved through our street works coring and inspection service.

6. Tell us something that people may not know about the street works team?

Did you know our street works  permitting service delivers an annual income of £550k for a local authority?

Delivering street works in Salford


In the City of Salford, there are around 8000 excavations from statutory undertakers every year. On behalf of the Council, following the completing of inspections, Urban Vision carry out highway coring on approximately 50% of these excavations.

Salford City Council

Capita Local Public Services celebrates Responsible Business Week


As individuals, we can all seek to work responsibly. It is no coincidence that our Corporate Value ('VOICE') prominently include words like 'honesty', 'integrity' and 'ownership'.

Chris Terry, Compliance Director

Delivering North Tyneside’s streetworks permit scheme

Highway asset management case study image 2.jpg

The permit scheme generates £350k of revenue each year from permit application fees

Streetworks permit scheme at North Tyneside