Green Infrastructure Team

Find out more about the Capita Local Public Services team: our green infrastructure team is responsible for the design and delivery of tree planting and sustainable drainage solutions in the external environment.

Dan Sterry, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Group Leader from Urban Vision - a joint venture with Capita, Salford City Council and Galliford Try - gives an insight into a newly formed and collaborative Green Infrastructure team.
What is your team responsible for?

The Green infrastructure team is made up of landscape architects, highway engineers and drainage engineers and are responsible for the design and delivery of tree planting and sustainable drainage solutions in the external environment.  It includes the integration of street trees, green walls, green roofs, rain gardens and sustainable drainage systems that brings greenery to an area but at the same time allows natural retention and infiltration that minimises water wastage.

Roughly how many people are in the Green Infrastructure team?

At any time, there will be one of us from each of the three teams mentioned, but we are an interchangeable team so it won’t necessarily be the same people all the time.

Describe a typical day in for the Green Infrastructure team

The green infrastructure team can typically be engaging in a wide range of activities throughout the design and delivery process including review of topography and existing drainage, specification of trees to benefit the specific site, developing planting plans for rain gardens, detailing drainage solutions, calculating capacity benefits reviewing highway alignments, detailing bespoke elements whilst interfacing with the wider design, client and construction teams to ensure coordination.

What is the proudest moment for your team?

Any moment working together on green infrastructure is a proud moment – who wouldn’t be proud in taking steps to enhance and develop the environment we live in for now and future generations.

Tell us something that people may not know about the Green Infrastructure team

Green Infrastructure is kind of like a computer, you see the pretty stuff on the top however there is a whole bunch of technical stuff that happens below ground.

Urban Vision: Helping Salford become a beacon in the Northern Powerhouse

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Urban Vision has been a valuable partner since we first formed the alliance. The partnership extension will provide further efficiency gains and more savings for the Council, without affecting service quality and performance.

Jim Taylor Salford’s City Director

Delivering Highway Asset Management for North Tyneside Council


The continued use of alternative preventative surfacing treatments such as surface dressing rather than full reconstructive has enabled a greater percentage of maintenance activities on the road network, hence an improved RCI and a 90% repudiation rate for third party claims.

North Tyneside Council

Rolla Street ‘Pop Up’ Park scheme

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The project incorporated green infrastructure by using sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS). SuDS reduce flood risk and improve water quality by slowing down rainwater flow.

Urban Vision