Link2ICT professional services team

Learn more about the Link2ICT Professional Services team and their tight knit work force

The professional services team are part Link2ICT, one of our joint ventures. The spotlight is on them and how their plethora of services help school improvement in Birmingham and across the country.
1. What is your team responsible for? 

Link2ICT’s professional services team have a wide and varied remit, broadly defined as supporting school improvement within the contexts of curriculum support and development, whole school strategic IT support, online safeguarding and data protection. In addition, the team provides subject expertise to our wider business in terms of advice, guidance and product development of both in-house products and services, and in the provision of externally sourced products and services we supply to our customers. This is very much part of providing the role of the “voice of the customer,” conveying the understanding of their current and future needs, and most importantly, how Link2ICT as a business can be well placed to meet those needs. Understanding new technologies on the horizon, sometimes being amongst the first to “play” and understand how they might improve pupil outcomes can be one of the more exciting aspects of the job. 

2. Roughly how many people are in the Professional Services team? 

There are five permanent members of the team, with a wider range of associates called upon to provide specialist services.  


3. Describe a typical day in for the Professional Services team 

A typical day for the core team members working directly with schools could involve team teaching across a range of year groups in a school helping teachers to improve pupil outcomes using online tools for collaborative writing. Or it might be running a centrally based data protection course for school senior leaders. Or undertaking a safeguarding audit with a multi academy trust. Or providing a robotics day beginning with a school assembly and culminating in youngsters building and programming their own robots. Perhaps developing schemes of work. Variety is definitely the spice of life for the Professional Services team. 


4. What is the proudest moment for your team? 

It is perhaps the on going demand from repeat customers that is our greatest achievement, recognising that even in terms of incredible pressure on schools budgets, where we are seen to be making a difference schools will do all they can to have our support. Another proud moment for us is to see youngsters suddenly making faster or new progress as a direct result of our work is an on going joy and privilege. On a regular basis we also receive emails from head teachers and senior leaders thanking individuals for the work they have done, this is another highlight of our time working here. Sometimes though it is great to be recognised on a larger platform, so we are thrilled to have been shortlisted for a BETT Award in 2018. 


5. Tell us something that people may not know about the Link2ICT Professional Services team  

We are incredibly lucky – there is a genuine friendship, understanding and appreciation for each other across all members of the team. We have all said this at different times and our sentiment is heartfelt. The passion to do a fantastic job at all times, a pervasive sense of humour and a genuine understanding of our customer needs (having once been the customer of those needs in previous lives) really does help to make a highly effective, and sought after, team of dedicated professionals. We love our work. 


Link2ICT Digital Monitoring Service


With pupils researching so much more online, this service has enabled us to quickly pick up on areas that could be a potential concern. At times, items flagged have resulted in pupils gaining additional support from relevant agencies and being effectively safeguarded. We are confident that our use of the Link2ICT Monitoring Service helps us to fulfil our safeguarding obligations

Link2ICT's Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)