Re’s Member Liaison service team

Find out more about the day to day lives of our joint venture with the London Borough of Barnet, Re's Member Liaison service team

Re is a joint venture between Capita and the London Borough of Barnet. It was set up in 2013 to improve and deliver a range property, development and regulatory services to local authorities and commercial organisations.
What is the service responsible for?

At Re we are committed to achieving excellent customer service at all times. The member liaison service was created in April 2017 to ensure all member enquiries were logged, monitored, tracked and responded to in a timely and efficient manner. This helps Re’s delivery units to; increase the quality of service, ensure queries are resolved efficiently, effectively and to agreed service level standards in order to meet performance indicators (PI’s).

Roughly how many people are in the member liaison service?

There are 14 of us that make up the service, the service is broken down into three areas of responsibility: member enquiries, link officers and member liaison officers.

Member enquiries are the first point of contact for members and MPs. They are responsible for logging and triaging all new enquiries to the link officers. They monitor responses times for all council services to ensure PI’s are met. They also provide daily reports to member liaison officers of all open Re enquiries.

Link officers are responsible for:

  • Triaging enquiries to individual officer’s/service areas
  • Adding enquiries to the CRM systems
  • Collating responses and ensuring all points are answered in full
  • Ensuring responses are provided in a timely manner to avoid PI failures
  • Triaging and collating responses for complaints and free of information (FOI) requests
  • Escalating service failures to member liaison officers

Member liaison officers (MLO’s) provide members with a single point of entry into Re, above the services to discuss the more complex cases including escalations. MLO’s engage with services to resolve any immediate concerns and identify service and procedural improvements to prevent recurring issues.

Describe a typical day in for the member liaison service

A typical day for a MLO involves;

  • Reviewing daily reports which highlight outstanding enquiries
  • Attending committees and ward walks
  • Actioning high level escalations or complaints to the Barnet Councils Chief executives office
  • Providing following up responses within given timescales
  • Attending service team meetings to ensure we are kept up to date with current and future matters

The MLO’s carried out a review of the escalation process and identified a need to introduce a more transparent escalation process. The new process was designed to help all managers / directors / tower Leads identify areas of concern within their service areas.

In addition to implementing a new escalation process, we have engaged with Members to develop a comprehensive Member engagement and communications strategy to support all services within Re.

What is the proudest moment for the service?

Since the formation of the service in April 2017, we have increased our member enquiries resolution rate and gained the trust of ward members.

The on-going review of all our existing processes is a project we are proud to be working on to continually shape and improve our customers experience.

Tell us something that people may not know about the member liaison service
  • We have a 5-working day target to provide a response to elected members
  • Our aim is to streamline services to ensure all enquiries from members are sent to the central members team in Coventry for auditing and monitoring
  • We receive on average 200 enquiries a month through the member enquiries team

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With over 5 million square miles of road and 3.5 million square miles of footpaths, the London Borough of Barnet is the second largest of the London Boroughs.

London Borough of Barnet

Capita and the London Borough of Barnet in partnership

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Working with Capita has given us the expertise to successfully deliver this complex transformation against ambitious timescales, which is future proofing our finance service and delivering further opportunities for services

John Hooton, Chief Executive, London Borough of Barnet

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