The Construction Team

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1. What is your team responsible for?

Our Construction team deliver reactive and planned highways maintenance throughout the borough as well as a wide range of individual highways, flood alleviation and structural projects on behalf of North Tyneside Council and other clients across the UK.

2. Roughly how many people are in the construction team?

There are 70 people in the construction team covering a wide range of disciplines including project management, commercial support, site management, health and safety, office support and direct Labour

3. Describe a typical day in for the construction team

The great thing about the construction team is that there isn’t a typical day.  The projects that we deliver are so diverse that they throw up new challenges every day.

Our reactive maintenance squads are continuously attending to defects on the highway, progressing with our road surfacing and footpath improvement programme and maintaining the network’s drainage gullies.

Our project teams continue to deliver our major engineering works.  Over and above the physical construction works this involves liaising with the client and designers, working with the communications team to keep residents and members informed on progress and future plans, co-ordinating our supply chain and managing health and safety to keep our sites safe for both our team and residents.

On a daily basis our office-based support staff are continuously updating and refining programmes, planning future works and progressing with health and safety initiatives to provide continuous improvements.

4. What is the proudest moment for your team?

Our proudest moment to date has been the recent successful delivery of a £1.5million project to improve the A191 Whitley Road and Front Street in Benton for North Tyneside Council. It included works to a key junction that provided access to the Department for Work and Pensions employing 3,500 staff. It meant planning and early consultation was key to reducing delay and disruption. The project is not only our first fully self-delivered major project for North Tyneside Council but also our first as a construction team. The project began in March 2016 and was due to be completed in early August 2016, however we successfully completed works ahead of programme and within budget.

5. Tell us something that people may not know about the construction team

A member of our team is the deputy oil pollution officer.  This means that if there is an oil pollution event we co-ordinate the clean up working alongside other agencies.

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