Urban Vision's Road Safety Audit team

Did you know we have a road safety team who undertake checks on the safety implications of highway proposals in Salford? Meet the team and read more about their work.

The road saftey audit team are part of Urban Vision, which is the joint venture between Capita, Salford City Council and Galiford Try, which was formed in 2005 to provide a range of property and technical services to the Council. 
1. What is the road safety audit team responsible for?

The road safety audit team undertakes checks on the safety implications of proposals that impact on the highway network and they can range from junction improvements, new residential developments, traffic calming schemes, footpath improvements and general risk assessments. There are 4 stages of audit taken as a scheme progresses and any problems encountered are reported back to the designer and client so they can be engineered out or modified – the end result provides a scheme that is safe for the end user whether they are a pedestrian, visually or mobility impaired or a motorist. We complete safety audits in Salford but also have the ability to audit across the UK and are currently working in Yorkshire and Scotland on behalf of Tesco, across the Midlands on behalf of Royal Mail as well as various local authorities in north Wales.

2. How many people are on the team?

Currently there are 3 people in the team:Tom Cowie Traffic Engineer; Simi Atkinson Collision Investigation Officer and Andy Devine Group Engineer for Road Safety. We have a range of experience collectively totalling 45 years across Traffic and Road Safety disciplines which is an essential criteria for a Safety Auditor.

3. Describe a typical day in the Road Safety team, if there is one?    

There isn’t one really! As we have the ability to safety audit anywhere in the UK it can range from a day in the office typing up safety audit reports or progressing schemes to a 2am start in Nottingham or overnight stop in Edinburgh when having to travel to undertake the actual safety audit site visit.

 4. What are the key projects you’re working on at the moment?

Key safety audit projects currently include the RHS development in Worsley, Salford Bolton Network Improvements scheme facilitating bus movements, the Metrolink along the Eccles to Manchester line and a number of audits for Blackburn and Darwen, including Wainwright Way which has created a new access road into Blackburn town centre.

5. What is the proudest moment for your team in 2016?

During the summer of 2016 Capita were commissioned to safety audit Royal Mail delivery offices and sorting offices nationally. Our team personally took on 12 offices in a variety of locations across the country from Preston, Calderway in Yorkshire, to Nottingham. This project involved site visits during peak times for specific offices and ranged from 2am starts to 12pm finishes and anywhere in between. This was a challenging task but this project was delivered on time and to an extremely high standard.

6. Tell us something that people may not know about the road safety audit team?

In 2016 we undertook 71 audits and amassed 2,441 miles travelling as far as Carlisle  to the North, Nottingham to the South, Sheepscar in Yorkshire to the East and Shrewsbury to the West!

Making improvements to the Salford Bolton bus network

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At Capita, our road safety audit team understand the importance of safety on our roads and other environments where the use of moving vehicles is a daily occurrence

Capita Local Public Services

Urban Vision: Helping Salford become a beacon in the Northern Powerhouse

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Urban Vision has been a valuable partner since we first formed the alliance. The partnership extension will provide further efficiency gains and more savings for the Council, without affecting service quality and performance.

Jim Taylor Salford’s City Director

Designing and delivering connecting cycling and walking routes for the Port Salford Greenway Scheme


Given the speed at which the scheme was designed and has been constructed, the project has gone remarkably smoothly and this is largely due to the efforts of Urban Vision’s Landscape design team

Catriona Swanson, Salford City Council