Urban Vision's Road Safety team

Did you know we have a road safety team who educate children in road safety and cycling safety in Salford? Meet the team and read more about their work.

The road saftey team are part of Urban Vision, which is the joint venture between Capita, Salford City Council and Galiford Try, which was formed in 2005 to provide a range of property and technical services to the Council. 
What is your team responsible for?

Our team are responsible for bikeability training, road safety education and publicity and school crossing patrols across Salford.

How many people are in the road safety team?

We have six members of staff. Jill Winstone, Sophie Taylor, Melissa Longworth, Glenn Roscoe, Sarah Sparrow and Sally Wright.

Describe a typical day in for the road safety team.

We can start the day with phone calls from school crossing patrols who are unable to make their crossing that morning. We then contact our mobile patrols to cover this before 7:30am. Then we go out to visit the patrols for health and safety checks and perform visits to Salford schools to complete Bikeability training or road safety education.

What is the proudest moment for your team? 

The satisfaction of being able to improve children’s safety when out on the road either as pedestrians or cyclists. Seeing the progress made by children who were completely lacking in confidence at the start of a Bikeability course to becoming confident riders at the end is very rewarding.

Tell us something that people may not know about the road safety team.

Since the start of Urban Vision we have completed Bikeability and Pedestrian training to over 10,000 Salford school children.

Here is some recent excellent feedback the team have received:

“Hi Jill - I have just found an envelope on my desk with your certificates in. I thought they may get something signed, but - blimey! Thank you for such attention to detail with all the comments and for your incredibly dedicated work in producing these. On behalf of our cyclists and their families, please accept our sincere gratitude. What commitment”

Peter Wright from St Peter’s CE School Swinton.

“I really enjoyed the course it was fun. When you don’t really get it the instructors made it very clear”.
“I didn’t feel confident on the roads but now you have taught me I feel confident.”
 “I just had my one to one lesson with Sophie and wanted to express my thanks. She is an excellent teacher with a lovely manner and positive attitude and I feel so much more confident now as a result of her advice. This is such a fantastic scheme and one I hope continues. Sophie is an excellent ambassador for cyclists, Urban Vision and Salford. She has got me back on the road filled with new enthusiasm for cycling!”
“I felt confident before I did the training but I feel more confident and know exactly what to do at a junction”.

Making improvements to the Salford Bolton bus network

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At Capita, our road safety audit team understand the importance of safety on our roads and other environments where the use of moving vehicles is a daily occurrence

Capita Local Public Services

Designing and delivering connecting cycling and walking routes for the Port Salford Greenway Scheme


Given the speed at which the scheme was designed and has been constructed, the project has gone remarkably smoothly and this is largely due to the efforts of Urban Vision’s Landscape design team

Catriona Swanson, Salford City Council

Urban Vision: Helping Salford become a beacon in the Northern Powerhouse

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Urban Vision has been a valuable partner since we first formed the alliance. The partnership extension will provide further efficiency gains and more savings for the Council, without affecting service quality and performance.

Jim Taylor Salford’s City Director