How digital is transforming the efficiency of out of hours customer service for the public sector

Siddiq Ismail

Capita has a long-established commitment to partnering with local government to help them deliver out of hours services. Developed from the ground up over the last 15 years, Capita’s digital system is based on both the passion and commitment of people who started their careers in call centres and the wealth of experience from local authorities. By helping local authorities deliver this service, it increases the value of the council to local taxpayers and offers an advanced service to help access what they need, when they need it.
Responsive out of hours call handling is an essential service for local residents. Councils have to deal with a wide range of requests, ranging from homelessness, housing requests, anti-social behaviour complaints, dangerous buildings and bridges, social services, road traffic accidents, suicide hotlines and noise complaints. Increasingly, offering these around the clock services can be very costly for councils and especially challenging when faced with resource shortages.
Capita recognises that providing around the clock customer service is critically important. Our long-term strategy is to harness the power of digital technology to transform the way councils manage the needs of residents. By leveraging our cutting-edge cloud technology and extensive experience of working with local authorities, we help councils across the UK increase their efficiency and productivity whilst making substantial savings.
It’s a best of breed service: Councils get a high-level consultancy and out of hours service, which enables them to give residents faster response and deliver KPIs that excite all the team.


Automated digital systems to services

Capita reduces headaches and the hassle faced by councils when they have to set up their own call centre. They no longer have to set up their own cloud, recruit resources and train staff with product scripts. Capita’s system takes care of all of this, enabling councils to focus on their own services and processes. Answering calls during evenings, weekends and public holidays, customer service agents are trained to determine the nature of a call and are then able to use a tailored management system to help them respond to the query. The automated prompts reduce the average call time to around 3-4 minutes and 80% of calls are answered within 20 seconds.


Working with local councils

Capita has a collaborative approach, supporting councils across the country, hosting forums and bringing together representatives from different departments to discuss issues and share best practices, in order to create new processes that are refined and shaped by multiple insights. This collaboration broadens the scope of what can be achieved, than what could be achieved from working with just one council.


Digital services to transform councils

Capita’s mission is to improve efficiency of council out of hours services through digital systems. By harnessing the wealth of knowledge developed over the years by our dedicated team, we have created a specialist service that delivers incredible KPIs and leading-edge call management with 80% of calls being answered in 20 seconds. It is a streamlined service, made especially for local councils. With budget cuts and government policies putting more pressure on councils to provide better services at a lower cost, Capita’s system takes the headache out of the demand for out of hours services.

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About the author

Siddiq Ismail Customer Resolutions Manager Siddiq has worked in digital and business transformation for over 14 years, working primarily in local government before joining Capita in 2018. Siddiq has undertaken a number of roles in IT, customer services and transformation, and has experience of working within multi-disciplined teams of specialists in delivering innovative solutions that improve user experience and positively impact the end user. Siddiq has a passion for digital innovation to enable easy access to services and information

Siddiq Ismail

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