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Improving the Coast Road in North Tyneside

“The successful delivery of this major highways project has had an instant positive impact on the Authority’s highway network. The scheme has been challenging and complex but was delivered with minimal disruption to the travelling public. The benefits to all highway users can clearly be seen.”

North Tyneside Council’s Highways & Infrastructure Manager, Mark Newlands

Providing planning enforcement support to Trafford Council

'At the end of the day the crucial factor for the host is the quality, competence and attitude of the individual. We found that Brian Johnson was excellent in all these regards. The support and communication to us as the host authority from Capita has always been of a high standard'

Graeme Levy ,Regulatory services manager, Trading Standards & Licensing, Trafford Council

Providing short term planning support to Chorley Council

‘Capita was very knowledgeable and adapted quickly to the job, learning new policies and methods of working with ease'

Caron Taylor, Principal planner, Chorley Council