Capita and Sheffield City Council work together to enhance the services that create a vibrant city

Capita Local Public Services has entered into an exciting partnership with Sheffield City Council, working with them to transform and enhance services that will benefit residents and businesses.

Building on Capita’s long-standing partnership with Sheffield City Council, the programme involves Capita and the council working collaboratively, sharing knowledge and expertise to make services, such as parking, planning and building control, environmental services and regulatory services, more accessible and improve the overall customer journey.

Initiatives such as reducing the amount of congestion in the city and making key areas safer through installing bus lane cameras will make traffic flow easier and improve residents’ experience of city travel. Modernising pay and display machines to allow contactless and app payments will also make it easier and faster for residents to pay for their parking in the city.

Paul Abraham, partnership director for Sheffield, Capita Local Public Services, said:

“We are excited to be working alongside Sheffield City Council helping them transform the services they provide for their residents, businesses and visitors. The programme we have in place is an innovative partnership that will enhance these services, making them better, quicker, more affordable and easier to interact with.
“Our experience in delivering place services in local authorities along with Sheffield City Council’s determination to provide the best possible service makes this an exciting time for those who live, work and play in the area.”

Mick Crofts, Director of Business Strategy & Regulation for Sheffield City Council, said:

“We are committed to providing services for our residents and businesses that meet the needs of the people of Sheffield and encourage investment into our city. We believe we have a truly exciting proposition and by working alongside Capita, we can transform key place services continue to improve the high-quality services that can quickly respond to the needs of our community.”

The programme is expected to deliver savings of around £6 million for the council.

Redesigning administrative services at West Sussex County Council


West Sussex had made good progress in making changes in our back office but the partnership with Capita has enabled us to really make the savings we needed to. With Capita’s support, we now have a more streamlined and resilient administration function which was achieved without any impact on service delivery - a great example of partnership working.

Head of Business Change, West Sussex County Council

Delivering Blackburn and Darwen’s LED street lighting retrofit

LED Case Study.jpg

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in replacing the old sodium orange street lights with the new LED soft white ones. It had made such a difference when I go out at night! The new lighting is clearly more environmentally friendly and economical, so congratulations all round, and keep up the good work

Resident of Blackburn

Designing Inverclyde Council’s LED street lighting retrofit

Newfield Dr 002 N406.jpg

We designed a solution to retrofit 9000 lanterns of the council’s existing street lighting stock with energy efficient LED lighting. We retained the existing street lighting columns that were proven structurally sound and replaced 1200 columns that were no longer fit for purpose.

Capita’s street lighting team