ChooseCare launches new digital social care platform in Barnet

Capita announced today that ChooseCare will launch in Barnet, providing a software platform that will enable care users to manage and pay for all of their care needs online.

All recipients of direct payments in Barnet will have access to the platform. It will simplify the process for users, the council and care providers alike, assisting people accessing services to remain independent and in control.

ChooseCare will enable users to make direct payments to care providers over an online platform, removing the need for funds to be transferred to users’ bank accounts or pre-paid cards to be issued. Once rolled out, the platform will be available to over 1,000 recipients of direct payments for adult social care in Barnet.

As well as the benefits to care recipients, this will help to drive direct payment adoption in the borough and give the council greater insights into the local care market to help make sure there is the right supply to meet local demand.

We have worked with Capita to co-develop the platform and a pilot for a small number of care users who receive direct payments is underway. Not only will ChooseCare help care users connect with providers, it will give us a much stronger understanding of how direct payment users are spending their money on care.

Dawn Wakeling

Adults and health commissioning director

This new platform will help to connect care users with providers more effectively whilst also easing pressure on councils. Across the UK, we recognise that the market is complex and our aim is for ChooseCare to use the latest technology to help simplify the process of identifying and booking the adult social care service users really need. We saw an opportunity to solve this problem through the development of a new digital platform and ChooseCare will help people in Barnet to remain independent and in control of their care.

Chris Sellers

Group business development director

Dynamic Purchasing System


We believe that the introduction of a Framework Agreement and a micro-procurement process provides greater transparency to people in need of care, carers, care providers and the Council. It promotes and reward the use of services that are achieving and maintaining high degrees of quality.

Jules Gregory, Market Manager, Birmingham City Council

Weston Court Sheltered Accomodation


Residents really like the refurbishment works and have provided some very positive comments! Thank you for everything you have done on the project - not at times an easy job but the end results are great!

Support Services Project Manager, Southampton City Council

Blue Badge Application Service

Disabled Parking.jpg

The average customer journey time, between making first point of contact to receiving their Blue Badge, has now dropped from 30 days to 19 days. This number of days is dropping consistently every month.

West Sussex County Council