Extending and improving Ellenbrook Loopline in Salford

Urban Vision, our joint venture with Salford City Council, provided design services to improve and extend Ellenbrook Loopline, linking to a multiuser path alongside the Leigh Guided Busway, creating a high quality, traffic-free cycling and walking route.

The 1.4km route connects Roe Green Loopline, east of Parsonage Road, to the Leigh Guided Busway at Newearth Road in Worsley, Salford. This and other looplines are part of a series of award-winning traffic-free routes in the city.

The improvements Urban Vision provided include a three metre wide path made from 50% recycled tyres, entrances accessible to all users including people on bikes, wheelchairs and mobility scooters, a new combined pedestrian and cycle crossing at Hilton Lane, works to improve drainage along the route, replacement tree planting where possible and new signage.

Urban Vision and Salford City Council members enjoyed the official loopline opening last week with the chair of the Environment Agency and Salford City Mayor in attendance. Congratulations to all involved with this project!



Designing and delivering connecting cycling and walking routes for the Port Salford Greenway Scheme


Given the speed at which the scheme was designed and has been constructed, the project has gone remarkably smoothly and this is largely due to the efforts of Urban Vision’s Landscape design team

Catriona Swanson, Salford City Council

Connecting Salford with cycling looplines

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The looplines are nationally recognised, award-winning traffic-free routes. They won top awards at the National Transport Award in 2017 and a CIHT North West Award in 2018

Urban Vision

Urban Vision: Helping Salford become a beacon in the Northern Powerhouse

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Urban Vision has been a valuable partner since we first formed the alliance. The partnership extension will provide further efficiency gains and more savings for the Council, without affecting service quality and performance.

Jim Taylor Salford’s City Director