Introducing a new apprenticeship scheme in Blackburn

The people development team from our Blackburn joint venture have introduced a new scheme for apprentices to get the maximum experience from their time at Capita Local Public Services, spending a day with a different service to get to know the company throughout. 

Imran Jasat, an apprentice traffic officer, spent a day with the street lighting team and went out on local sites in Darwen and Roe Lee.

Imran Jasat said:

“Whilst spending time with the team, I learnt a few things about the cables that go into a street lamp and what each cable is for, how to do a bit of drawing on auto-CAD and I also realised how much work goes into placing a street lamp onto a highway.” 

The support for apprentices and graduates in Blackburn doesn’t stop there.  A new incentive, graduate rotation day, took place where new recruits to Capita have the opportunity to work amongst a different team and learn their trade for the day. 

Gareth Thornton, who is usually part of the engineering team, spent the day with the building surveying team, experiencing a different working day and learning completely new skills.  

His experience started with introductions to the building surveying team and a series of presentations covering projects the team have been working on as well as an overview of the services provided and a brief history of building surveying. 

Gareth Thornton said:

Whist I have worked in the same office as the building surveying team for just over two years, before the graduate rotation day took place I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the names of any of the team or any of the projects that they are involved with.  As the ability to offer multidisciplinary services to clients is regularly identified as one of Capita’s strongest unique selling points, in a highly competitive sector, interoperability between capita departments/ teams is going to become an essential part of remaining competitive and improving the services that we offer clients.”  

Our partnerships/joint ventures are always helping out their neighbouring schools within the community. Find out how Entrust, our joint venture with Staffordshire County Council managed to support nearly 10,000 young people to complete the National Citizen Service.

Delivering Blackburn and Darwen’s LED street lighting retrofit

LED Case Study.jpg

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in replacing the old sodium orange street lights with the new LED soft white ones. It had made such a difference when I go out at night! The new lighting is clearly more environmentally friendly and economical, so congratulations all round, and keep up the good work

Resident of Blackburn

Capita in partnership with Blackburn with Darwen Council

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The strength of the partnership with Blackburn with Darwen Council was a major contributing factor to Blackburn winning the ‘Council of the Year’ at the Local Government Chronicle awards.

Blackburn with Darwen Council

Designing Inverclyde Council’s LED street lighting retrofit

Newfield Dr 002 N406.jpg

We designed a solution to retrofit 9000 lanterns of the council’s existing street lighting stock with energy efficient LED lighting. We retained the existing street lighting columns that were proven structurally sound and replaced 1200 columns that were no longer fit for purpose.

Capita’s street lighting team