North Tyneside Council’s annual road resurfacing and maintenance programme

North Tyneside Council’s annual road resurfacing and maintenance programme, worth around £3million, is underway.

More than 70 streets will be benefit, with the work delivered by nominated sub-contractors but managed by our highways team in North Tyneside.

Much of the work is aimed at preventative maintenance, which involves treating roads at the right time before major structural failure sets in. This extends the life of roads and avoids the need for much costlier road replacements further down the line.

The preventative works will normally be through the use of micro-asphalt, which provides a new surface and seals the underlying road to prevent the intrusion of water, a major cause of deterioration.

Our frontline operations staff are carrying out pre-patching work on the roads which will be treated with micro-asphalt. We are also responsible for delivering a programme of footpath improvements.

We previously worked with the council to develop its highway asset management plan (HAMP) 2017-2032, which sets out the council’s approach to maintaining its highways and infrastructure in the most effective way.

It enables the council to manage its highway infrastructure through long term planning, ensuring that standards are defined and achievable for available budgets.

Click here to see the full resurfacing programme.

School Building Property Maintenance Programme


Due to the scale, expertise and experience of our teams, we completed the programme of works on time every year, across the entire five year term of this project.

School Building Property Maintenance Programme

Delivering Blackburn and Darwen’s LED street lighting retrofit

LED Case Study.jpg

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in replacing the old sodium orange street lights with the new LED soft white ones. It had made such a difference when I go out at night! The new lighting is clearly more environmentally friendly and economical, so congratulations all round, and keep up the good work

Resident of Blackburn

Designing Inverclyde Council’s LED street lighting retrofit

Newfield Dr 002 N406.jpg

We designed a solution to retrofit 9000 lanterns of the council’s existing street lighting stock with energy efficient LED lighting. We retained the existing street lighting columns that were proven structurally sound and replaced 1200 columns that were no longer fit for purpose.

Capita’s street lighting team