Partnership extension with Southampton City Council

Capita announces that Southampton City Council has chosen to extend its 10-year strategic partnership, which commenced in October 2007, by a further five years to September 2022, subject to the Council's due process. The extension of the contract will generate additional revenue to Capita of approximately £124 million.

Capita will continue to deliver the current range of services on behalf of the Council including, customer services, IT, procurement, post room and the administration of HR, payroll, revenues and benefits, occupational health, property and health and safety services.

"The extension of this partnership reflects our strong working relationship and commitment to delivering continued value for the residents of Southampton. As people's lives and ways of communicating are swiftly changing, we need to continually re-design council services to better meet the needs of citizens and businesses. Capita has extensive experience of collaborating with customers to shape services and achieve transformation. We look forward to continuing the partnership and making a positive difference to the local community."

Andy Parker

Deputy chief executive and joint COO of Capita

To address the Council's long term goals and the changes in the way in which citizens are accessing services, the partnership will introduce the latest innovation in customer management and IT, providing residents and businesses with increased access to online services. Through these service improvements and further efficiencies, the partnership expects to generate an additional £24 million in savings for the Council over the life of the extended contract.

Southampton City Council and Capita flexible transformation in partnership


We are investing in the community to create jobs, raise the aspirations of young people and grow the local economy.

Southampton City Council

Redesigning administrative services at West Sussex County Council


West Sussex had made good progress in making changes in our back office but the partnership with Capita has enabled us to really make the savings we needed to. With Capita’s support, we now have a more streamlined and resilient administration function which was achieved without any impact on service delivery - a great example of partnership working.

Head of Business Change, West Sussex County Council

Making online the number one choice when applying for parking permits in Southampton

Civic building.png

I enjoyed working with a great team from Capita to re-design the parking permit application and renewals process. Cross functional workshops saw representatives from many areas working together putting the Customer at the heart to streamline processes, provide an online option whilst reducing the cost to serve. Overall a great success that puts Southampton First and at the forefront of Digital change.

Richard Alderson, Service Manager Parking and Itchen Bridge, Southampton City Council