Views are being sought on a planning guide in North Tyneside

Views are being sought on a document that provides useful guidance to anyone submitting a planning application in North Tyneside.

Consultation is underway on the 'draft design quality supplementary planning document' (SPD), which sets out what represents a good design and how planning applications are considered.

The draft document updates the 2010 version to reflect new planning policy and to include design advice about a wider range of topics and development types such as residential extensions, converting buildings and new developments in historic areas.

The draft document supplements adopted local plan policies which commit the authority to deliver well-designed development that creates successful places with healthy, inclusive communities.

Consultation is being carried out by the planning service, which is delivered for the council by Capita.

Cllr John Harrison, cabinet member for housing and transport, said:

“Since 2010, the SPD has provided useful guidance to applicants for all types of development. This this new draft includes new design principles on everything from residential extensions to tall buildings. It is important that the public and relevant stakeholders, in particular developers, are given the opportunity to comment on the document, which is why we are now carrying out consultation.”

The draft document can be viewed on the planning portal: here.

Providing planning enforcement support to Trafford Council


'At the end of the day the crucial factor for the host is the quality, competence and attitude of the individual. We found that Brian Johnson was excellent in all these regards. The support and communication to us as the host authority from Capita has always been of a high standard'

Graeme Levy ,Regulatory services manager, Trading Standards & Licensing, Trafford Council

Connecting Salford with cycling looplines

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The looplines are nationally recognised, award-winning traffic-free routes. They won top awards at the National Transport Award in 2017 and a CIHT North West Award in 2018

Urban Vision

Providing planning resilience support to The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead


By adding extra capacity, The Royal Borough of Windsor was able to maintain a high level of service to its customers by reducing planning application delays from backlogs.

The Royal Borough of Windsor