West Sussex County Council website scores top marks in Better Connected 2016

West Sussex County Council's (WSCC) website, managed by Capita Local Government’s online service delivery team, has been awarded the maximum of 4 stars in this year’s survey.

The annual survey carried out by the Society of Information Technology Management (SOCITM), assesses all local authority websites on their ability to provide quick and easy customer journeys and enable the successful completion of ‘top tasks’.

The website was assessed on a series of tasks such as applying for a secondary school place and renewing a library book. The assessor also considered how the site works on a mobile and its usability and accessibility.

West Sussex was cited as an example of best practice, with the reviewer commenting: “Really nice clear site. Very easy to use” and “The information is presented in a very logical and clear way - it's made very obvious what you need to read and in what order, with relevant links served at the right time.”

The 4 star rating puts the WSCC website in the top 20% of all UK council websites for providing the best online user experience to its residents. This is a great result for the Online Service Delivery team, colleagues in WSCC and other partners who have all contributed to this success since the new website was launched in March 2015.

Bob Lanzer, Cabinet Member for Corporate Relations, said: “This is great news and fantastic recognition for the hard work put in by our Customer Services and Online Services Delivery teams.

“I am delighted to receive confirmation that the County Council’s website is delivering an effective and useful service to our residents.”

Creating a better digital customer experience at West Sussex County Council


The number of pages on the West Sussex County Council website was reduced from 7,000 to just 1,400 pages

West Sussex County Council

How e-forms improved the usability of West Sussex County Council’s website


Prior to the current e-form, an initial referral would take, on average, 2 hours to process. With the Umbraco form, an initial referral takes approximately 1 hour to process. This includes saving, printing and copying all attachments.

West Sussex Council Officer, Special Needs Assessment team

West Sussex County Council and Capita partnership


With Capita as a partner we were able to establish strong working relationships and tackle the transformation of services together. Combining our knowledge within the Council and Capita’s experience and capability of delivering transformational programmes, we have made significant step changes in the way we deliver services.

Chief Operating Officer, West Sussex County Council.