Capita helps councils to save

Capita has been working in partnership with local authorities in East Sussex to conduct a single person council tax discount review of residents across the region.

During the process, which was conducted with the County Council, Eastbourne, Hastings, Lewes, Rother and Wealden Councils, Capita reviewed 53,449 cases of residents’ eligibility to single person discount. As a result, 2,995 cases were found to be claiming discount they were not entitled to.

The review saved the Councils in the partnership £938,000 which will be re-allocated back into council budgets and spent on services.

Councillor Keith Glazier, deputy leader of East Sussex County Council said:

“This is a great example of partnership working and the money that has been saved will help councils to protect their budgets and services. The single person discount is there to help ease the financial burden of residents living on their own and it’s important that only those who really need to receive this benefit are claiming. It’s only fair that our residents who are paying full council tax should not be subsidising others who are receiving discounts they are not entitled to.”

Giles Reid, director for Capita Local Public Services said:

“In these times of austerity and cuts to council budgets, it is more important than ever for local authorities to be pro-active in the crack down on fraudulent activity. We have worked closely with the councils across the whole of East Sussex to review potential discount fraud, which has resulted insubstantial savings.”

As part of the review, Capita analysed the details of single person discount claimants, carrying out credit reference checks and assessing the risk of fraudulent activity


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