Capita’s Urban Vision joint venture extended for three years

Urban Vision was formed in 2005 to provide technical services to the Council, efficiencies, improved capacity and capability, access to new markets, innovation and to grow and safeguard jobs. 

The extension is worth up to £90m in total to the joint venture, of which Capita will see total revenues of £60m over three years. To date Urban Vision has delivered significant costs savings and income generation initiatives including in excess of £12.5m secured over the last five years. 

The extension will see Urban Vision continue to deliver all existing services to the Council, prioritising the needs of the fast growing City on a “Salford First” principle. Services include property, regulatory planning, engineering infrastructure, and design and highway operations. Salford and the Greater Manchester area are currently undergoing a period of substantial regeneration and growth, and the partnership will play a key role in supporting the Council through this process. The partnership extension provides a platform for the further growth of Urban Vision’s services into both the Council and new and existing clients UK-wide.

The partnership currently delivers services to over 240 clients across both the public and private sectors and will continue to deliver additional revenue for Salford City Council, allowing it to invest in and protect frontline services. 

"Urban Vision has been a valuable partner since we first formed the alliance. The partnership extension will provide further efficiency gains and more savings for the Council, without affecting service quality and performance. Working with our joint venture partners, we are committed to supporting the unprecedented growth within the City through the continued provision of excellent services on a “Salford First” principle."

Jim Taylor, Salford’s city director 

"When Urban Vision was founded it was the first joint venture of its kind in the UK. Over the last ten years it has delivered some fantastic outcomes for the Council. This extension gives us the opportunity to build on that success – we look forward to three more years of excellent service delivery and close working with our joint venture partners. 
Capita’s breadth of experience in local government means it is ideally positioned to meet the needs of councils across the Northern Powerhouse and rest of the UK. These needs are increasingly being driven by a ‘place-based’ agenda, ensuring that services create new opportunities around the development of the local economy, land, assets and skills. Urban Vision has already begun to incorporate elements of this agenda into its work in Salford and Greater Manchester, and this extension will allow us to put ‘place’ at the heart of everything the partnership does. "

Andy Parker, Capita’s chief executive 

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