Capita staff in North Tyneside are taking the next step on their career ladder

Any UK employer with a salary bill of more than £3 million per tax year pays the levy, including Capita.

Among the staff within Capita’s North Tyneside partnership to take advantage of the levy funding is Strategic property support officer Graeme Lockhart.

Graeme, of Cramlington in Northumberland, is working towards a degree apprenticeship in surveying (real estate) with Northumbria University over the next four years.

He said:

“I have a strong desire however to not only gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals in real estate, but to also develop greater knowledge and experience in property management as a whole.
The levy funding scheme has provided me with the opportunity to undertake the degree apprenticeship in real estate. I could not be thankful enough to be given this opportunity as it will be a huge benefit for both my personal aspirations and my overall career development.”

In November 2012 Capita entered into a partnership with North Tyneside Council to deliver a range of technical services: engineering; property; planning; building control and public protection.

Since then, 29 young people joined its North Tyneside Partnership as apprentices. A further four apprenticeship posts are expected to be advertised for the partnership in the lead-up to National Apprenticeship Week in March 2018.

Capita’s North Tyneside partnership director, Richard Carmichael, said:                     

“Apprenticeships are a great way to foster emerging talent within our organisation. I’m delighted that so many of our staff are taking the opportunity to build their skills.”

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