Centre for Cities report published

Cities across the North, Midlands and Wales must step up efforts to attract a greater share of the private sector investment crucial for driving local and national economic growth –with London currently snapping up just over half of Britain’s commercial property investment.

This is according to a new report, ‘What investors want: a guide for cities’, published today by the think tank with support from Capita. It examines the top priorities for investors when choosing which places to invest in, and offers practical advice for cities on how to make their places as attractive as possible for investors.

The report shows that just over half of all investment in Britain’s commercial property market in 2016 – worth over £43bn in total – was spent in London. This was significantly more than the South East, the second most successful region, which secured nearly £5bn of investment, equivalent to 11% of the total share across Britain.

In contrast, regions such as the North East and Wales gained less than £1bn of commercial property investment each last year, with Wales attracting just 1% of the total share of investment across Britain, the smallest amount of any region. 

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