Southampton City Council’s digital transformation programme wins award

The programme, using agile methodology, is transforming the way Southampton residents access and use services, moving nearly all of the City’s municipal services online, including: 

  • Commercial services (eg, pest control and commercial waste) 
  • Universal services (eg, reporting nuisances) 
  • Adult and children’s social care services 
  • Internal business operations. 

Agile was chosen as an effective way to reduce costs and improve customer experience by building digital services around people’s needs. 

According to the judges, they were ‘impressed by the scale of the project as well as the number of people engaged with it.’

The Agile Awards were created seven years ago to recognise practitioners and senior leaders who ‘exemplify characteristics of conviction, passion, and courage’. 

"The Capita team made an immediate positive impact to the digital programme. They helped introduce a fresh perspective and a rigour of practice based on the grounded application of tried and tested methods, process and behavioural science, while also ensuring a good dose of fun."

Dr Stephen Giacchino Interim Transformation Director, Southampton City Council 

"This award is a credit to the joint council and Capita Agile Sprint teams who have embraced the customer-led journey approach. This is providing rapid delivery and high quality products that are more useable for citizens and remove significant manual effort from the council."

Peter Reynolds, transformation director, Capita 

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