Spirit of Salford Pride award for Urban Vision’s forward incident officers

The Spirit of Salford Employee and Long Service Awards 2018 were set up by Salford City Council to recognise staff that have gone the extra mile in their services and deserve recognition for living any of the eight important values that structure the Council.   

There are five categories; Pride, Passion, People, Personal Responsibility and Employee of the Year.   

In the Pride category, nominees will have demonstrated that they are proud and committed to Salford, its people, are proud of the role that they play in serving the people of Salford and take pride in their work by getting it right the first time, every time.   

The team achieves this daily by responding to issues such as fires, flooding and major traffic accidents and liaise with the emergency services to provide support where necessary. There are 10 members of the team who are each on call 24 hours a day for a week at a time.  

One of the team’s most important duties is communicating with the Council’s senior management team, affected councillors and advising the communications team to enable accurate messages that can be shared with the public.   

This can often be a race against time ensuring the correct message is relayed to residents, but the team so quickly and efficiently.   

Congratulations to all involved with the well-deserved recognition and keep up the great work!  

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