The A189 Salters’ Lane Highway Improvement Scheme is underway in North Tyneside.

The project will deliver major improvements along the A189 Salters’ Lane corridor, from the A188/A189 West Moor roundabout to the north and as far as the borough boundary to the south, ultimately linking to a major scheme within Newcastle.

Our construction team is delivering the project, which is due for completion in early 2020 and includes:

  • Improvements to the A188/A189 West Moor Roundabout for motorists, bus users, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Provision of a continuous footpath and off-road cycle way along the entire length of Salters’ Lane
  • Extending the existing bus lane between Haddrick’s Mill and Gosforth Business Park and improving bus prioritisation along the whole A189 corridor into Newcastle.

The first phase of works is from the Hollywood Avenue to West Farm Avenue junction and takes advantage of the fact there is currently no vehicular access due to an adjacent Newcastle City Council scheme.

Our partnership with North Tyneside Council has given us many opportunities to aid with projects similar to this.


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