The Big Conversation 2018

Urban Vision's take on tackling youth unemployment in Greater Manchester lies within how a pathway into employment for struggling young people can be best achieved, focusing on career support but it doesn’t necessarily have to be an academic path.

Urban Vision is our joint venture with Salford City Council and Galliford Try bringing innovation and skills from the public and private sector for development and regeneration across Salford.

As an organisation, they highly encourage vocational apprenticeships, which young people may not have perhaps considered when looking for work or even been encouraged to go ahead with from their respective school or college.

Urban Vision have been spending time advising school age pupils across Salford on their career paths through various enterprise schemes, but want to take that advisory role further, by understanding how to branch out and help young adults aged 18-24 that are struggling to get their foot on the first rung of the working ladder.

The Big Conversation 2018 event that took place on 17th January introduced the ‘talent match mark’, which involves a series of ‘career interventions’ that encourage the work place to take time out to consider those young people that have had a hard time finding work.

The ‘mark’ recognises and celebrates employers that encourage and support young people and provides them with opportunities to explore and experience work. There are four award levels – bronze through to platinum – which are awarded for how many stages an employer offers an ‘intervention’ in a young person’s journey to employment.

At Urban Vision, they are committed to achieving ‘gold’ through the continued support and career development opportunities given to young people in Salford schools.

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