Triple award win recognising operational excellence

Over the past 18 months, Capita Local Public Services has been undergoing an operational excellence transformation programme across its revenues and benefits operations, which are designed to improve customer service, speed of delivery to meet customer expectations, enhance productivity and operational efficiency, deliver process improvements, and develop our people.

The programme has included the implementation of new software called eg work manager®, which provides an effective way to match resources with the demand of our customers across multiple sites over the UK. The software has enabled the business to proactively forecast workloads, identify resource requirements to match customer demand,  further improve performance and increase operational efficiency

The awards hosted by eg work manager, recognises outstanding contributions by individuals, teams and companies across its client base.

Capita were winners in three categories, including the company award for ‘Best Practice Operational Excellence’ and the team award for ‘Best Practice Operational Intelligence and Analytics.’

In the individual categories, Bethan Watts from Capita’s partnership with West Sussex County Council was awarded the ‘Best Newcomer Team Manager.

Jake Lashford, programme director at Capita local public services, said:

“Capita Local Public Services has now set the bar for operational excellence and have been recognised as ‘best practice company’ by eg solutions plc. The operational management information that the eg work manager system provides us will help us shape our continual commitment on achieving optimal customer aligned processing. It has been a fantastic achievement through the hard work and determination across our operation!” 

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