Urban Vision Awarded Bronze Social Value Award

Urban Vision, a joint venture between Capita, Salford City Council and Galliford Try, is delighted to announce that it has been awarded with a Bronze GM Social Value Award by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce in recognition of Urban Vision’s dedication and time towards supporting initiatives in the wider community.

The awards were set up to recognise the time and hard work donated by companies to help inspire the region’s future workforce, and the opportunities they create. Initiatives supported by companies can make a huge difference to the career decisions taken by young people at key points in their lives.

The awards are based on a tiered system, depending on the amount of time that has been donated to supporting the wider community by each company. This specific award comes from Urban Vision’s work to support the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Careers Fair.

As one of the first recipients of the award, Urban Vision has already completed the first stage of bronze and can now look forward to working towards receiving silver, gold and platinum accreditation. 

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