Our business intelligence services

With over stretched budgets and financial pressures, NHS Trusts need new ways reduce costs while improving the patient experience. Effective use of business intelligence, analytics and data management can translate into significant operating cost savings, resolve budget issues and reduce service delivery costs to meet your specific objectives and NHS reporting requirements.

Capita provides business intelligence, data warehousing and reporting solutions for the NHS. By turning data into insight, Trusts can accelerate the use of this valuable information to make informed decisions, enable service transformation and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The services we provide are based on an in-depth understanding of the NHS national, statutory and commissioning requirements required by NHS organisations to report intelligence, performance, insight, planning and clinical outcomes.

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A knowledgeable approach

Capita has heavily invested in knowledgeable and talented people with NHS experience, and, as a service, we have knowledge covering inpatients, outpatients, emergency care, sexual health, children’s services and community.

More information:

Good organisations know exactly what is happening and where. We help trusts ensure that their business intelligence can help them shape improved service delivery

Our business intelligence solutions include:

  • Reporting solutions
  • BI Reporting solutions
  • Consultancy services
  • BA reviewing of BI department/functions
  • BAU BI reporting services
  • Specialist NHS BI consultancy
  • Database development models
  • Commissioning solutions

With over 25 years’ experience in healthcare improvement, Capita understands that the way data is managed and used can have a meaningful impact on the running of a hospital trust.

Our Health Partners team are industry-recognised experts who lead their specialist disciplines to deliver services tailored to your needs. Many of our team have had direct experience of working in the NHS, giving them additional insight into the challenges facing our Health clients and how we can assist them.

What our customers say:

“We measure the things that we do well, as well as those that are not done so well. We work alongside teams to gather relevant, current data and develop staff to use this information to deliver real benefits and learning.“

Olive Macleod, director of nursing and user experience, Northern Health and Social Care Trust