Our estates and facilities management service

The cost of running a hospital estate and facilities is typically a healthcare trust’s second biggest expense after pay costs. Capita partners with healthcare trusts to offer estates and facilities management (E&FM), on a contracted model. Our E&FM service delivers security, cleaning, grounds and garden facilities management services to drive efficiency improvements and significant cost savings.

Moving away from a traditional ‘contractor/provider’ arrangement, your in-house NHS team can be transferred to Capita to provide E&FM services under a managed contract measured by key performance indicators. This service combines the best of NHS estate expertise with the commercial knowledge, latest innovations and specialist technical and professional support from the private sector.

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A collaborative approach

At Capita, we have unparalleled expertise in strategic estates management and clinical service redesign across health and social care, NHS and local authority commissioning. Our staff has direct healthcare experience to support with major reconfiguration of your property and estate.

Our approach is a unique range of knowledge and skills across the spectrum of healthcare enabling insight and identification of bespoke solutions. The partnership is embedded in your Trust, rather than acting as a separate service provider. Working closely with all stakeholders, this collaborative approach means we can help you and your trust meet joint objectives in line with the latest policy guidance.

Dedicated to improving the NHS and the health sector in general, we provide our clients with a single point of entry into our services giving them the assurance that making the health sector better is at the heart of what we do.

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Our partnership service delivers various rationalisation projects, making savings to protect front-line services and creating new ways to develop assets and revenue streams.

These services include:

  • Estates rationalisation to review and reduce under-used/unoccupied spaces
  • A 24/7 email and telephone helpdesk to streamline the delivery of remedial actions, enable reporting and identify trends
  • Workforce mobilisation to equip clinical teams with mobile devices and integrated IT systems to facilitate greater mobile working, enhance workforce productivity and reduce demand for accommodation
  • Agile working programmes to facilitate staff to home-work and reduce desk based occupancy
  • A single booking system for clinical meetings to reduce under-utilised facilities and external venue costs
  • Commercial estate solutions, to offer key worker accommodation and create recurring revenue from under-occupied properties
  • A trust-wide health and safety ‘indicator’ model with clear accountability measures to increase compliance with statutory procedure

Unlike pure outsourcing, the Capita partnership is based on a mutual commitment to achieve your trust’s objectives.

An E&FM transformation project can help balance increasing service demands with funding pressures. With estate rationalisation, agile working solutions and improved space utilisation, trusts can typically expect to achieve significant savings and efficiency improvements which in turn creates more budget to invest in additional community services and improved patient experiences.

We have worked with numerous NHS organisations to deliver service planning, strategic service development plans, development of estate strategies, business cases and service planning.

Skills include:

  • Planning and development of new services
  • Project management
  • Production of business cases and estate strategies
  • Clinical service planning
  • Strategic planning; and change management
  • Procurement
  • Challenging clinical delivery models and supporting clinical teams to identify new ways of working
  • Operational and clinical policies
  • Risk and governance processes

Capita is a dedicated specialist resource for health and infrastructure. With over 2,700 staff, we have unprecedented access to a wide variety of experts with knowledge and experience across public and private sectors, with a specific focus on estates and infrastructure.

Our health partners team are industry-recognised experts who lead their specialist disciplines to deliver services tailored to your needs. Many of our team have had direct experience of working in the NHS, giving them additional insight into the challenges facing our Health clients and how we can assist them.

We are a service led business within the Health Sector compromising of, but not limited to:

  • Estates and facilities optimisation and development advice
  • Operational redesign and stakeholder engagement
  • Healthcare strategy and planning
  • Clinical redesign and transformation
  • Property portfolio management
  • Assurance reviews and regulatory standards
  • Construction consultancy services
  • Strategic health and estates partnerships