Human resources in healthcare

With the NHS facing financial challenges over the next few years and operating within an environment where quality care needs to be common place, action is needed at all levels of the healthcare system; focused on improving value for every pound spent in the NHS. 

The productivity in NHS hospitals report revealed that driving productivity and efficiencies in hospitals could deliver large savings for the NHS – up to £5 billion each year by 2020. With this is mind; Capita has built a robust stream of work that supplies innovative, bespoke services and back office services to support this mission for our NHS partners.  

Our unique HR and benefits consulting service covers the hire-to-retire cycle of an employee’s journey with you. From payroll, workforce administration, employee rewards and benefits to pensions and HR practices, our flexible HR and benefits consulting service enables us to tailor solutions that deliver significant cost savings while meeting your human capital needs. 

We provide access to seasoned HR professionals, whose guidance and advice you can solicit when you need assistance. They assist you with any employee-related aspects of your organisation, while you maintain control of all business and operational decisions.


A professional approach

Whether you're in need of a short-, mid- or long-term solution, we provide flexible HR and benefits solutions on an as-needed basis to suit your HR needs.

As your transformational partner, we deliver change and unlock value to making processes smarter, your hospital more efficient and customer experiences better. 

We work on- or off-site, either as a stand-alone HR services consultant or in conjunction with your existing human resources team.

More information

HR outsourcing is an effective alternative to hiring when you need to get things done. There are many reasons why you may need to engage with a third-party provider, such as:

  • Improve the employee/participant/ member experience
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Transfer/reduce administration burden
  • Transfer/minimise risk
  • Update existing technology
  • Leverage best practices/streamline process efficiencies
  • Ensure compliance with legislation


Our unique HR and benefits consulting service covers the hire-to-retire cycle of an employee’s journey with you to help facilitate all your HR transformational needs. This pick and mix service includes:

  • Payroll
  • HR practices and procedures
  • Employee rewards and benefits
  • Pensions
  • Employee communication


Our HR consulting services can help:

  • Evaluate the performance of the existing HR function
  • Review existing benefits and advice on new benefits
  • Review systems and procure technology
  • Analyse and cleanse data and ensure its security
  • Plan communication
  • Map existing and new processes
  • Model the return on investment
  • Deliver the project

Benefits of outsourcing various HR functions include:

  • Improved quality and speed of service, where an external provider can manage the service more efficiently.
  • More transparent and predictable costs, data and outputs, which are set out in the outsourcing contract, service-level agreement and key performance indicators.
  • Potential for the organisation to gain access to more advanced technology without the need for capital investment.

For over 20 years, Capita has been delivering outsourced and co-sourced pensions administration, employee benefits, strategic consultancy, HR, payroll, employee benefits and cutting-edge technology.

Offering the most comprehensive range of employee engagement services in the market, combined with our deep understanding of the NHS, Capita is uniquely positioned to assist hospital trusts in building creative HR solutions and benefit packages that reflect their organisation’s value and objectives.

By focusing internal expertise on core functionality and allowing outside experts to handle other HR tasks, internal staff are better able to focus on strategic projects and essential work.