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To respond to the increasing demand for digital, combined with budgetary pressures and the need to exploit technological advances, many local authorities are looking to move customers from using traditional, and generally more expensive channels, to more self-service and online channels across all of their services. Done right, it’s an effective way to release cashable savings, enhance customer experience and focus limited resources on those most in need of face-to-face or one-to-one support.

Capita is experienced and committed to helping local authorities shift customer interaction to more cost effective, self-serve channels. Our team of digital customer management experts can help you shape, make and change your omni-channel services to enable a digital first approach. This highly experienced, multi-faceted team cover the whole digital spectrum, including consultancy and support of a digital and customer strategy. All of which encompasses the latest thinking and experience in human centred service design to ensure your end-to-end service is optimised for the digital age.

We can also design and implement your channel shift programme, working alongside models to empower local authorities to grow their digital capabilities.

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A tailored approach

Capita understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to channel shift. Which is why we tailor our channel shift toolkit to each individual organisation based on their digital maturity, available data and appetite to for change to maximise the value of channel shift and improve services for the future.

We also understand the digital transformation journey for local authorities does not always start or end at channel shift and can work alongside local authorities to redesign end to end customer journeys using our human cantered service design approach.

More information about our channel shift services

We understand that successful channel shift only happens when the digital option makes it easier and intuitive for your customers. To effectively reduce contact or encourage a shift to self-serve channels, a number changes need to be considered

To help with this challenge, Capita has developed a channel shift toolkit that we typically use to reduce demand and encourage self-service. 

This forms the basis of our initial engagement and helps drive significant benefits to your organisation. Applying these initiatives, alongside a pragmatic data driven human centred design approach, gels together the overall customer experience thus maximising benefits.

Capita has an excellent track record of encouraging channel shift across public sector services.

Our online service solution supports your existing online presence to integrate effectively with your back-office systems. It also gives you access to our range of marketing toolkits to ensure you are engaging with your citizens – from the web savvy to the internet novice.

What our customers say:


Giving people the chance to make online payments, set up their housing benefit claims and Direct Debit orders from the website, and to inform us of any changes in their circumstances has helped our tax collection rate rise significantly. Council Leader Cllr Teresa O’Neil, London Borough of Bexley

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