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Local authorities have a wealth of data across their organisation that when analysed, provides significant opportunity to design services differently. This data could be used to realise efficiencies, change the way the organisation operates to improve the customer experience as well as supporting the journey to a predictive and preventative operating model.

Data analytics and insight can help local authorities understand and predict customer behaviour to effectively plan future service delivery needs. These valuable insights can help transform a specific end-to-end customer journey or enable full-scale transformation for a local authority.

At Capita, we deliver data driven projects to local authorities that can transform the customer experience while making significant operational savings. Through the use of data, insights and analytics, we work with our clients to drive transformation, improve customer experiences and make significant operational savings.

We also help local authorities to interpret the data to make evidence-based decisions on more effective ways to design community services

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An unrivalled approach

Our team of data analysts turn these findings into actionable insights that we use to support our local authority customers to make practical and strategic change.

Combined with our digital specialists expertise and unrivalled local government experience, Capita can help you optimise your current processes and deliver the best customer experience.

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By analysing data, our team of data analysts have already obtained valuable insights to:

  • Raise awareness and build bridges between divisions that operate diverse parts of a council service, by engaging them in evidence-based customer service discussions that eventually evolve to new jointly designed ideas and initiatives.
  • Enable senior managers to empathise and visualise the most painful experience gaps from their residents and local businesses perspectives, which raises awareness on the impacts of their day to day decisions and also helps them to make more informed investments.
  • Help operations to understand where the demands are coming from, and both prompt action internally (e.g. capacity adjustments) and identify specific opportunities to close experience gaps
  • Use data intelligently alongside customer demographics information to understand patterns and help predict significant events occurring, to reduce demand and costs for local authorities.

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