Our response out of hours service

When an emergency situation occurs, it goes without saying that all members of the public should be able to call on an efficient, high quality and reliable customer support service on a 24-hour basis.

Local authorities, housing associations and other public sector providers must ensure that around the clock customer service support is available for citizens to help with key urgent situations such as emergency homelessness, social services support, dangerous structures, environmental health and emergency highway issues, to name a few.

‘Response out of hours’ is a nationally shared out of hours customer service partnership delivered by Ealing London Borough Council and Capita.  Public sector bodies such as local authorities, housing associations and health service providers can join the partnership to access a large pool of highly skilled and experienced customer service agents, to deliver their out of hours customer service requirements.

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Delivering out of hours customer service excellence

Our team of highly skilled and experienced out of hours customer service agents are trained specifically to public sector out of hours service requirements and processes.

What makes our service excel is that we work with our clients to develop bespoke out of hours call handling scripts and workbooks to make sure callers are supported in an accurate and effective manner, no matter who they speak to or the type of out of hours service they require. Our call handlers will always offer an empathetic and personal customer service approach while using the accurate prompts and processes generated from the bespoke call scripts.


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Reducing the strain on public sector finances and resources

When the public sector service out of house calls in-house, value for money is not always achieved, especially during periods of low call demand.

By using ‘Response out of Hours’ you have access to our large pool of customer service agents, but you only pay by the number of out of hours calls received. This can provide cost saving opportunities without having to compromise on service delivery standards.

Easy procurement

As it’s a partnering agreement with Ealing Council, public sector bodies can easily procure the ‘Response out of hours’ call handling service without having to go through the OJEU process.

The more public sector bodies who join the ‘Response out of Hours’ partnership, the more cost effective we are able to position our price per call.

Depending on which service package you choose depends on the price per call you pay.

There are four different service delivery options to choose from:

- Platinum Service – 90% of calls answered in 20 seconds
- Gold Service- 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds
- Silver Service– 80% of calls answered in 40 seconds
- Bronze Service - all calls answered by IVR (a virtual response service) and not a live customer agent.